People Share Suprisingly Simple Solutions To Problems That Actually Worked.

People Share Suprisingly Simple Solutions To Problems That Actually Worked.


24. The grandma whisperer

Nurses here will recognize this one. Once I was dealing with an extremely agitated and fearful Alzheimer's patient who had been "sundowning" since 3pm (sundowning is an occurrence in some Alzheimer's patients where their mental function gets worse and worse as the day goes on/once it starts to get dark). 

Anyway, this sweet old lady was having an absolute fit. All through my shift (night shift yay) I was running in and out of her room. The bed alarm kept going off, she was so confused, afraid... I desperately wanted her to go to sleep. Mind you I had 7 other patients! I finally walk her out to the nurses station and plop her down in a seat next to me while I do my charting. She is yelling at me and throwing things. I've had it at this point and I'm running out of ideas. I finally look at her and say, "how will I ever finish with the wash? My husband will be so mad when he gets home! Would you help me finish??"... she looks me right in the eye, clear as day, and says "dammit sister don't you ever learn? Give me that laundry!"... haha so I grab a stack of folded towels and mess them up real quick and plop them in front of her. She folded all of them. I would say oh look at that! She turned around and I would mess the towels up again. This went on a few times until this sweet lady just passed out, exhausted from being so worked up earlier (and maybe from all the towel folding). I slowly push her in the desk chair down the hall and gently get her back into bed. She started to wake up and I leaned down and whispered, "all the wash is done. You have nothing else to worry about!" She slept throughout the night. We were both happy. I am the grandma whisperer.


25. Kidney stone issue

I've had kidney stones off and on for about 15 years now. Varies with soda consumption... but I primarily try to drink water now, so in the past 5 years, I think I've had 2 or 3 issues.

It's called Jump 'n Bump. I found it online years ago, but it's not available anymore. I was reading it while on the toilet in dire pain during one attack (you get the feeling like you gotta deuce...but really nothing happens). Their suggestion is to drink warm water, 12-16 oz worth, wait half an hour, and then jump. The jump is as high as you can, but the key is that you lock down your heels prior to hitting the floor so that when you come down you basically jar your body - and in turn the stone loose.

The first time I tried this, I think it was 2 rounds of jumping, and a massive stone came out. It occurred again about a year later, and I believe it took 3 jumps before it got loose. I don't remember passing it.

The bump part of it is for older folks. They suggest, instead of jumping, the folks are to take a seated position on something solid and hard, and drop down abruptly. Same idea, jarring the stone loose.

Anyway ... hope someone finds that helpful. It was weird to me, but  it works!


26. Spaghetti bridge challenge

Freshman year of college, I go to the first Association of Computing Machinery meeting and there's an icebreaker activity involving building a bridge made of dried spaghetti. The bridge is to span two chairs and hold a bucket of candy. There were simple designs, over-engineered designs and then there's the one team who took the bundle of spaghetti, moved some sticks out to make tapered ends to span the length between chairs, taped the bundle up tightly and spent the rest of the time chatting. Not only did their design showed no sign of breaking, it held the most candy in the bucket. For the rest of my college years, that bundle of spaghetti hung in the club office with a sign that said something like "Sometimes brute force is the best solution".



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