Mortified Parents Recall The Most Awkward Phase Their Kid Went Through.

Mortified Parents Recall The Most Awkward Phase Their Kid Went Through.


9. And here come the special interest groups

My nephew is going through a Juggalo phase and I've never wanted to murder my own family more in my life.


10. Look what I have!

My 4 year old is currently going through a phase of showing her bum to everyone. Just pulls down her trousers and pants and bends over laughing and saying "Can you see my bum? Look, look, look at my bum!" Its incredibly awkward but so far winter clothes have prevented her from doing it out in public but its getting warmer all the time and soon she won't be wearing overalls outside.


11. Awkward but adorable

When my son turned 4 he suddenly became fascinated with women's legs. He would tell them "I wike your wegs, I weally wike your wegs." He would do this to strangers in public, LOUDLY. He's 6 now and has become a bit more discreet. Now he just nudges me and says "Dad wook at her wegs." Little purv. I love him.


12. I hope my kid NEVER goes through this phase

My two year old went through a "painting with poop" phase that lasted four months. We had to safety pin his onesies clothes if we had to leave him alone for more then a minute. He waited till we were out of the room and bam covered everything he could reach in poop.

Oh and I'm pregnant. When this phase started I had the worst morning sickness and nausea and bad smells "triggered" me. I think he finally passed that stage though.


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