Mortified Parents Recall The Most Awkward Phase Their Kid Went Through.

Mortified Parents Recall The Most Awkward Phase Their Kid Went Through.


21. I feel so bad for these parents

My 4-year-old son currently is going through a "sponge" phase where he repeats everything. My brother died 10 months ago yesterday. He committed suicide. My son will introduce himself to people sometimes saying "My uncle John shot himself in the head and now he's an angel in the sky with the birdies"...One hell of an introduction. Always super awkward for us, then we get the "Oh my god, I'm so sorry" from whoever. He misses his uncle John so much though. He tells me all the time how he wishes they could play video games together and go for adventures in the yard.


22. Wanna hear my new song?

My son, aged four, wanted to know what a certain bit of his body was called, so I explained about testicles (I'm the mum, his dad was deployed at the time). My son was so delighted with this new bit of knowledge that he made up a testicle song, and sang it loudly ALL THE TIME. EVERYWHERE.

For those who want to sing along at home, it bore quite some resemblance to Bicycle Race by Queen. Teeesticle, teeesticle...


23. This one's pretty crappy for the parents

Our 4 year old will not poo. He will hold it in for days, up to a week. After the first day his behaviour deteriorates and each day after he gets more irritable and naughty. Won't do anything other than want to lay down, or walk about clenching to hold it in. Eventually he will either have an accident in the night. Some days he will sit on the toilet for an hour crying to hold it in.


24. At these point she's probably just trolling you

My daughter always points and laughs at bald people. She is five and has been doing it for 3 years now. So not really a phase. We've gone over so many times how it's impolite and hurts feelings, but to her a bald person is like the most amazing thing, that she has to scream out to the world that this guy is bald.



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