People Share The Most Generous Thing Someone Has Done For Them.

People Share The Most Generous Thing Someone Has Done For Them.


Here, people share the most generous thing someone else has ever done for them.

Hope in humanity restored.

1. Happy ending.

When I got divorced at 23, I made less than 19k/year and had quite a bit of marital debt because my ex is a jerk and liked to spend money on credit cards. I was paycheck to paycheck and, at times, had to cut back on my groceries because I had to be able to put gas in my car to get to work.

I had awful roommates who would steal my food (what very little I did have). We were waiting on our tax return (ex and I) and it had taken longer because he screwed up with something. I had no money and needed both gas and groceries and had to make a couple of payments. I was hungry and tired.

I vented my frustration to a friend online. At this point, she and I had never met, but we talked a lot. We'd been friends for months at that point. After I logged off of chat, I got a notification from PayPal that I had been sent money. She sent me a couple hundred dollars so I could get by. I was only to pay her back when I got my tax return. We'd never even met face-to-face! I'll never forget that kindness. We've been friends close to 10 years now and we finally met face-to-face this past October!


2. Terrible situation, amazing people.

When our oldest son (11) was killed by a drunk driver, our friends left their lives behind (100s of miles away) and came to live by us.

They lived here for years until I was able to function on my own.

I love you.


3. "I've had people do wonderful things for me, but this was life saving."

When I was homeless and living in my car with my son and our dog, my alternator blew out during a heat wave. On weekends, I would drive out to truck stops to park so I could sleep for the whole weekend without being bothered. I worked third shift and resting during the day was hard. Anyway, we were stuck at a truck stop without the money to fix the car and no transportation back to the city we were hunkered down in. I was going to lose my job if I didn't get back into town, which was an hour away. Not only that, but temps were over 100 degrees. Without air conditioning or a place to cool off, it was getting dangerous for my family – especially the dog.

After two days stranded like this, someone who wishes to remain anonymous but was basically a co-worker of a family member, shows up out of nowhere, hands us twenty bucks for lunch and says the tow truck is coming. They paid for the repairs and gave me another forty for gas.

I'd never met them before that day. They are the most generous person I've ever met. I've had people do wonderful things for me, but this was life saving.

As a P.S., we're no longer homeless.


4. Best dressed.

My sophomore year of high school. My class was doing a presentation at the middle school for a special event promoting health. Kids spent the whole day doing outside activities. Well, anyway, my class did a presentation on making healthier eating choices, how much sugar is in soda etc.... We had to dress up for the event in really nice business attire.

I never really had and nice dress up clothes and this was around the time my stepfather quit working due to his sickness and my mom was the only one working so we couldn't really afford it (story continued on the next page...).

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