People Share The Most Generous Thing Someone Has Done For Them.

People Share The Most Generous Thing Someone Has Done For Them.


I told my teacher I didn't have anything like that to wear and if it was okay that I wore blue jeans and a nice button up.

The next day she pulled me aside from class and handed me a bag of really nice dress clothes including dress shoes telling me to try them on. They all fit and I still have the dress clothes to this day. To her, it was probably nothing, just helping a student but to me it was one of the nicest things anyone has done for me.


5. Some good landlords out there.

My landlord gave my wife and I our security and last month's rent back when we bought a house as well as a little extra and told us we'd need it for the new place. The security was expected, everything else was not.


6. Doing the right thing.

My mortgage holder owner financed my home, adjusted my payment schedule to fit when my Social Security hits and did not charge me interest on my note. Just principle. This is unheard of and enables me to survive now that I'm retired.


7. More important than being paid.

When we found out my husband had cancer, I was in the middle of expensive dental work. My dentist canceled the bill and finished it free of charge.


8. Stand-up teacher.

I graduated in 2006, my dad was on welfare and I was graduating (story continued on the next page...).

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