People Share The Most Generous Thing Someone Has Done For Them.

People Share The Most Generous Thing Someone Has Done For Them.


Right before we deployed, I was told that my NCOIC had volunteered to go in my place. He was single and he saw what I was going through at that time, and said it would be easier for him to go instead.

Imagine that - someone deploying in your place out of the kindness of his heart.


13. Unexpected medical bills.

When I had unexpected medical bills it made me 1100 short for my rent. The owner of the company I worked for advanced me $600 and flat out gave me 500.


14. Travel plans.

My university friends and I always dreamed to go to Europe to celebrate our graduation (there were 4 of us). When we graduated, as students often are, we were broke. Except for this one friend. He came to us very happy asking when we were going to Europe, his parents already had given him the money to go. We congratulated him and asked for postcards from the trip (back in the 90's). A few weeks later, my birthday came. He told me that he had my bday gift on him. Since I didn't see a box I jokingly said "a plane ticket!". And for real, he exchanged his ticket to Europe for four less expensive (but still, we are in another country) incredible, tickets to go to Los Angeles, entries to Disneyland and Universal studios included! 21 years alter, we are still friends and amazed of what a wonderful person he is. My brother for real.


15. Gave her a break.

When I was diagnosed with cancer my children's babysitter kept them day and night through both my surgeries and hospital stays, at no cost. I did not ask her she simply offered so my husband and mom could focus on my well being. While going through radiation therapy afterwards she quite often would refuse my money for a weeks worth of childcare. I could never have gotten through it as well as I did without her. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer a year later I immediately volunteered to take a week off and care for her ailing husband so her family could take care of her. She wasn't simply a babysitter, she was family and we all loved her with while hearts. She was our grandma, filled with unconditional love.


16. Anonymous hero.

I had gone back to school to change my career, but was having a hard time coming up with tuition, since both my sons were also in college (story continued on the next page...).

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