People Share The Most Generous Thing Someone Has Done For Them.

People Share The Most Generous Thing Someone Has Done For Them.


Luckily the grocery store had backup power. Due to the stress I forgot my debit card at home. I had some cash, but not enough for everything I'd picked up. A lot of it was unnecessary because I was shopping hungry, so I was having the cashier sort out the stuff we needed the most and doing the math. All of a sudden a man walks over, hands the cashier three 20's, and walks away without a word.


21. Not related by blood but by heart.

My best friend's parents and my boyfriend's parents both let me live with them rent free after my dad died just after I had turned 18 and I was attending college classes. The first couple of years was with my friend's parents and these last two years have been with my boyfriend's parents. Both occasions were when neither my friend or boyfriend were living at home. Truly the greatest people that I'm not even related to by blood.


22. Good friend.

My friend lent me several thousand dollars when I lost my job so the bank wouldn't take my house.

I'm trying to repay her at the moment but it's hard, and she's very understanding. I love her more than she'll ever know.


23. Lending a hand.

My wife and I had our first and only apartment a few years back. I lost my job in October and haven't had a good track record when it comes to work, I didn't find employment for 4 or 5 months after that looking everywhere. Anyway our landlords let us out of our lease 2 and a half months early with no payments required and they only kept out 200$ security deposit. They also offered to let us back when we had stable employment with no questions asked or issues at all.



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