People Share The Most Passive Aggressive Thing They've Ever Done To Someone.

People Share The Most Passive Aggressive Thing They've Ever Done To Someone.


Sometimes confrontation is overrated. Here, people share the most passive aggressive thing they've ever done to someone.

1. Gridlock.

On an airplane flight this past summer, the guy in front of me reclined his seat until he was practically resting his head on my chest. I politely asked him if he would please put his seat up. He just looked at me and said, "No."

I then turned my air vent on full blast and aimed it right at his face. When he reached up to adjust it, I pushed his hand away, "Excuse me. That's my air vent. I like it that way."

He ended up leaning forward the entire flight, but left his seat back reclined practically to my chest. We were both uncomfortable the entire flight, but neither of us would give in. As my wife put it, "So, this is what happens when an inconsiderate jerk meets a passive-aggressive idiot."


2. Effective.

I was in Walmart once and this kid was screaming. I tried to ignore it. I thought about asking the parent to quiet the kid down (you could hear him through the whole store). Finally I just stood at the end of the aisle they were on and started screaming back at him. The mother was horrified, but after about ten seconds of yelling back and forth the kid finally stopped.


3. The earphone fairy, that's how.

One time my sister stole a pair of my headphones and lost them, so I got back at her by tying her earbuds in knots every chance I get.

Every time she went to use her earbuds they'd be knotted. She'd yell, "HOW DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN!?" But little did she know what I had done. There was no greater revenge.


4. So long!

In college I had the worst roommate. She would stay up all night, sleep all day long, and dramatically sigh or groan if I accidentally woke her up by, you know, being in my room during the day. She also could not shut up for five minutes at a time. She literally wandered around our room muttering to herself, and if she wasn't doing that, she was sighing and groaning and slamming drawers shut. She also left food that should have been refrigerated out on her desk for weeks at a time, including STACKS of burgers still in their paper wrapping. It smelled. ANYWAY.

She mentioned once how she hated living in the dorms because she couldn't smoke in there. I casually brought up how my last roommate broke her contract and moved into a house mid-semester and she just loved it. New roommate got excited and started to look into getting an apartment. What I didn't mention was that it cost $1000 plus that month's dorm fee to break said contract. And apparently, she managed to sign up for this without noticing that fine print, either, because for about a week after she had screaming matches on the phone with her mom about the money.

A week later, she was gone, and I had the room to myself for the rest of the semester. It was great. I would feel bad, but living with a burger hoarder was too much for me.


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