People Share The One Experience That Completely Changed Their Perspective On Life.

People Share The One Experience That Completely Changed Their Perspective On Life.


From spending a few years in an underdeveloped country, to beating drug/ alcohol addiction, 22 people share the one experience that changed their perspective on life.

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1. Being treated differently when you have money

So after a family member died I inherited almost $78,000,000. My family and friends attitudes changed completely after hearing the news. People I didn't even know of started contacting me, almost everyone I knew asked me for money, the number of 'friends' I had doubled. About a week later, the lawyer that handled the last will contacted me saying there was a closer relative that they had missed. I went back to being normal and found out who were my real friends and family were.


2. Take the time to reply to people

One of my best friends passed away unexpectedly last August. I didn't keep up with messaging him every once and a while and slowly grew apart. He messaged me a week before he died simply saying "I miss you." I forgot about replying like some people do and I got a call the following week from another friend saying he died. I was devastated because I had no idea he was ill. Later that day I was looking at my inbox and noticed his message and it floored me. I still beat myself up over it because all I had to say is "I miss you too we should catch up." But I didn't and he's gone. It was a harsh lesson but it changed me, and no matter what I take the time to reply to any message I get from someone I care about.


3. Hugging!

Up until I was a teenager, I didn't like my sister much. She didn't like me either. Then, one day, I read that hugging someone makes your brain release chemicals that make you trust that person more. I didn't buy it, so I jokingly told my sister that it means we have to start hugging our enemies to give them a false sense of security, and stuff like that. Then we jokingly hugged and we continued to hug every day for a while.

And you know what? It's weird, but it actually worked! She's my best friend now.


4. Live your life as best as you can

After my dad died in 2014 of Huntington's Disease, a fatal genetic disorder, I decided to get tested in late 2015. I am gene positive. Meaning, I will develop the disease at some point later in life, but am not currently showing symptoms. Although I'm only 26, I've begun working towards my bucket list and only 2 months ago, crossed off my #1 wish of visiting Germany. It was two weeks of everything I could have asked for. I have a relatively successful career, which I enjoy and am thankful for, which allows me to check off these items from my bucket list.

Knowing that my life expectancy is maybe 40 at best, based on my CAG repeats, it's given me the chance, or maybe the reminder, to live my only life as well as I can.


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