21 Dumbest Customers Ever. Number 11 Is So Stupid It Hurts.

21 Dumbest Customers Ever. Number 11 Is So Stupid It Hurts.


9. "If I install 32bit Windows twice, will it become 64bit." That conversation lasted 2 hour

10. If these t-shirts are buy one get one free why can't I just have the free one?

11. I once had a customer bring back a laptop she bought the day before claiming it was broken. She said it wouldn't open, I asked her if it was windows not loading up or a program not opening, she said the laptop itself wouldn't physically open.

I took it out of the box, opened it up and just looked at her. Her mouth fell open, she looked at me and said "Oh, it opens that side! Me and my sister tried for an hour to open it up last night and couldn't."

She had been trying to open it from the hinge side.

12. While working at Disney I got asked what time the Three 0' Clock parade started.... I had to answer with that famous Disney smile.

13. I worked fast food and a customer wanted a cheeseburger, medium fry, and medium drink. I said ok I will ring you up a #1 combo meal.

This angered the lady who told me that she didn't want the combo meal just a medium drink, a medium fry, and a cheeseburger. I told her that it would be the same order but this would save her money, but she got even more furious so I politely punched them in separately.

14. A client once asked how much it cost the Plasma truck to come out and refill his Plasma TV.

15. Someone told me that they felt bad when they returned a DVD and forgot to rewind it.

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