Seasoned Parents Share Their Most 'Pro Parent Tip' That You Can't Find In A Book

Seasoned Parents Share Their Most 'Pro Parent Tip' That You Can't Find In A Book


that they are doing a great job, they need to hear it.


11. Have a good cry

If you find yourself at wits end because he/she won't stop crying and you're crying and they're upset and you're upset and now it's a vicious cycle, take a moment. Or a few moments.

Put your baby in their cot/bassinet, walk out of the room and sit down and just take a breather. Have a good cry if that's what you need or just close your eyes and meditate. They'll probably keep crying, but they were going to do that with or without you. And you'll hear if something changes because baby crying is so darn piercing.

When you feel ready and calmer, go back to your baby. You might just find that once you're calm, they might calm down too.

Good luck, you got this, and congratulations on being a parent!!


12. Let's get practical!

On a practical note, put several layers of mattress pads/sheets on the crib. When you need to change them in the middle of the night, you just take off the top layers.

We got great parenting advice from a dog trainer, "You don't train a dog by telling them what they are doing wrong. You train them by telling them when they do something right."


13. Some parents say they're perfect... those people are liars

Not every day is going to be a proud parenting day. Sometimes you're going to lose your wits, everyone does. Any parent who's like "I've never lost patience with my children and acted differently than how I wanted to" is a liar and shouldn't be trusted haha.

When that happens, calm down, reset, and start again. The best thing my parents did for me growing up was to explain why they lost patience and talk to me until we were all good again. I now do the same for my daughter, and did this even before she could understand what I was saying.

As a parent it's easy to slip into a role of complete control over your kids, but you have to remember that they're people too with their own ideas and they deserve your respect just as much as you deserve theirs. So if you talk to them in a way you're not proud of, or yell at them, or whatever it is, just talk to them. Apologize. Make expectations clear going forward and move on.


14. A most powerful lesson

Remember that your kids will learn far more from (Continued)

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