'I Know How You Got Pink Eye.' The Most Unprofessional Things Doctors Actually Said.

'I Know How You Got Pink Eye.' The Most Unprofessional Things Doctors Actually Said.


I really didn’t want to see him again, since he’d been rude during the hellacious delivery, which ended in a C section. But he’d insisted I bring Jacob in for a one-week check-up.

"Why are you asking me about birth control?" I said. "I never asked you about that. I don’t want to discuss that with you."

"I know about your birth control mistake," he said.

"What? What are you talking about?"

To my horror, he pointed at my beautiful little baby.

"My son is not a mistake!" I said. I was so angry. I scooped up my son, slammed the office door, and told the receptionist, "I am never coming back again. Your boss is a jerk." She was, by the way, his daughter. I felt pity for her.

That was the last time Dr. B and I ever crossed paths. When I saw his obituary in the newspaper, many years later, I had mixed feelings. That’s just the truth.

I’m glad we are past the days when doctors talked to pregnant women and new moms as if they were dim-witted children.

-Candace Dempsey

4/11. Just 2 years ago, medical incompetence/mismanagement almost killed me.

I had a very severe sore throat and fever, which went away, but 3 days later, a gland in my neck swelled to point of being larger than a golf ball. The swelling happened very quickly, and I had a fever.

My regular doctor took several weeks to get me into his office, then sent me to a fancy ear, nose and throat specialist, in a very expensive office building 2 weeks later. The doctor looked at the swollen gland, and without conducting a single test or examination, stated I had cancer.

I immediately suspected that was incorrect, and asked if cancer normally gave you a fever of 104, and grew to this size within a couple of days. I also asked him if it could be an infected gland. He insisted I had cancer, and scheduled a biopsy for 5 weeks later.

During this time, I grew more and more sick, the swelling got worse, but he refused any treatment, only saying that I needed the biopsy. (continued...)

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