Spooked People Share Stories They've Heard That Still Give Them Chills To This Day.

Spooked People Share Stories They've Heard That Still Give Them Chills To This Day.


5. Silent intruder.

Friend of mine is kind of a nature nerd, so she goes out on these long hikes and camps for a few days, by herself. So one time she does this and returns safe and sound. Nothing happened. She gets her disposable camera developed, and there are three pictures of her sleeping in her tent.


6. Maybe it's not a myth...

My great-grandparents grew up in a small town located in the lower regions of Louisiana. When my great grandparents were first married, they lived in a small house near a cane field. Across the field, there was a Catholic church which ministered to most of the humble, bayou town.

My great grandparents made it a habit to attend church during daylight hours as it was a long walk to and from church, unless they walked through the cane. Well one night, for one reason or another, they decided to attend evening mass. They walked to church as the sun was shifting down below the visible Earth. When they exited the building, it was pitch black.

Fatigued from a long day of work, my grandparents decided to walk through the cane and avoid the long path. The crickets chirped as my grandparents crunched their way through the cane, one right behind the other. They could barely see through the dim moonlight, leaving them to rely on sound and touch. Working their way through the cane was tiring, and my grandfather stopped to catch his breath.

My grandmother bumped into him, and they both froze. Another set of footsteps had joined theirs. They stood frozen in place, hearing the heavy thud of feet crunch against the cane. My grandfather began to slowly walk, my grandmother by his side. They were afraid to enrage the visitor. My grandmother noted its odd walking pattern.

Immediately, fear ran through her. She began to run, and then the footsteps behind them grew fast-paced. My grandfather took off after her, not wanting to be caught by the visitor. After about five minutes of sprinting, they reach the end of the cane field, their house in sight. They quickly raced to the door, fumbling to unlock it. A shadow emerged from the cane field, walking on four legs. It begins to run at them as they manage to unlock the door. As they open it, their dog runs inside. Their dog, Kaiser trembles as they lock the door once more. Kaiser was usually a fearless animal, and often accompanied my grandfather on his hunting trips.

His bravery was gone as the door began to shake. Something was banging and scratching on the door. My grandfather assumed it was some animal. Then, the doorknob began to jiggle. Somebody was turning it from the outside. Eventually, it stopped. Shuffling could still be heard outside of the door. My grandfather grabbed his rifle and stood guard all night as my grandmother slept. When the sun began to rise, the noises outside ceased. When they opened the door, it was covered in large scratch marks. To her death, my grandmother claims that she was chased by the Rou Garou (Cajun werewolf).


7. Close call.

When I was 13, my dad was taken to hospital and my mother joined him leaving me in the house alone sleeping. When they came back they noticed handprint on all the downstairs windows of the house and snow trodden in the porch. They searched the house an nobody was there. The next day we find out our next door neighbour was murdered. I know its not that scary but when I think how close I came to possibly being murdered or worse it sends chills down my spine.


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