Spooked People Share Stories They've Heard That Still Give Them Chills To This Day.

Spooked People Share Stories They've Heard That Still Give Them Chills To This Day.


12. When it rains, it pours.

I worked as a vet tech a couple of years ago, and this man came in to put down his old dog. Standard euthanasia protocol was used: get a basic history, ask if they want to be present, etc.

As a coworker of mine asked the do you want to be present part, he responded with "yes, because I lost both of my boys last week and I wasn't there for them, and I'll be damned if I'm not there to send off my last living family member."

Both of his boys we later found out died overseas. After hearing this, our whole staff went into that our euthanasia room and just hugged this man and his dog several minutes past his dog moving on.

Out of my years in the field, I've never heard such a heartbroken man to lose his animal.


13. Imagine being in the same room as him...

In her early twenties, my mom managed a photography studio in a mall in Scarborough, Ontario. One day my mom is working alone and this guy comes in asking for a photo but he's being a little weird about it, saying he needs a picture taken of his hip. They did a lot of injury photos for court cases so my mom assumes this is what he needs and starts loading up the camera. When she looks up, he's got his pants totally off and he's exposing himself. My mom starts laughing hysterically and tells him to get out, she doesn't have time for this nonsense.

About an hour later, a girl that was working at the denim store down the hall comes down to tell her about this pervert that took off his pants in the middle of the store, trying to expose himself to the female customers. They both have a laugh, he didn't seem all that menacing, just (obviously) not all there. Two days later the girl comes running into my mom's studio, pale as a ghost. On the front page of the paper is a sketch of the guy, with the title "Scarborough Rapist". It's pretty crazy to think that she was that close to getting attacked by Paul Bernardo in the peak of his crime spree.


14. Nope, not the song.

When I was in my early teens, my parents used to go out dancing and left me alone on Friday nights. We lived in a rustic, soporific house, surrounded only by a desolate sawmill and a defunct car garage. The closest neighbor was about a mile away.

I used this opportunity to throw heavy metal albums in their fantastic stereo and play them at an enormous volume. One evening, I put in Metallica's ... And Justice For All and went to the restroom in a small corner in the house. "Blackened" was blaring in the distance and it seemed as if the floor was shaking. I walked back into the living room and looked at the front door and I could see the chain on the door pulsating in rapid rhythms. I remember thinking "the bass on this system is incredible!" Then, during the middle of the song, the chain stopped moving.


15. Finally able to rest in peace.

I'm a funeral director, and one day we had a man come in who lost his teenage daughter. She was a daddy's girl through and through, so he was pretty torn up about her passing. He bought her the best that money could buy- nice casket, a good vault, etc.

But after she was interred, he kept having these nightmares that his daughter was drowning. In a bathtub, in the ocean, when a car she was in careened off of a bridge. They were a bit different every time, but the message was always the same. In every dream he could hear her screaming "daddy help me i'm drowning."

Now keep in mind, drowning had NOTHING to do with her cause of death. At first he thought he was just grieving, but the nightmares wouldn't let up. He came back to us and after explaining the situation, we got a permit to disinter her and move her to another cemetery. When the diggers removed the lid off of her vault (which, by the way, is supposed to keep water OUT) it was filled to the brim with water. After she was moved he stopped having nightmares.


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