Spooked People Share Stories They've Heard That Still Give Them Chills To This Day.

Spooked People Share Stories They've Heard That Still Give Them Chills To This Day.


16. Love can be found in the darkest places.

During WWII, my grandma used to steal potatoes and coal from Nazis for her family. One day she noticed a few men standing near a fence a but paid them no mind since she had just stolen coal and potatoes.

This happened for a few weeks her taking the same route and she noticed the men getting frail and weak so she snuck back later that evening and gave them some food. She continued doing this for awhile. She ended up saving their lives and that is how my grandmother met my grand father who was a Russian solder being held prisoner.


17. Things went haywire.

This is a story that happened to my dad several years ago. My family runs and lives on a large farm, and around summer each year we are often forced to work longer hours than normal in order to harvest hay for the livestock in addition to the other routine duties.

Well, my dad was finishing up one of our neighboring fields and had just a few more bales of hay to go, so he decided to work through the night and be done with it. Around 2am he finished the last hay bale but noticed that it didn't come out properly from the baler. He raises the arm of the tractor up as high as it would go, hitting about 10ft, to cast light on the bale. He exists the tractor and begins to approach the bale about 7ft from the tractors headlights. As he is removing excess twine from the bale he suddenly can't see. Then the realization of what was happening started to creep into his mind. Something was standing between him and the headlights of the tractor. Waiting.

He came home several hours later, early in the morning, clearly disheveled. He told me the story, concluding that eventually it decided to leave. My dad said he stood in the newly restored light with his back against the hay bale for the rest of the night, unsure what to do. When the sun began to come up he circled the tractor and made his way home. He followed that by saying, "I knew almost immediately something wasn't right. My mind wanted me to believe that a deer or one of our cow's wandered in front of the tractor, but the lights were 12ft high."


18. One point for mom, zero points for predator.

When I was 4 and my sister was almost 1, my parents had been divorced a few months, and my mother was driving us from Las Vegas to Wichita to see our grandparents. At one gas station on the way, this man came up to the car and told my mother, "I hate to see a single mother travelling alone and I noticed we are headed in the same direction, do you want me to follow you for awhile to make sure you are safe?"

She politely said, no thanks and drove off. at our next stop for gas, he again came up under the guise of "checking" on us, he had been following us since the last stop. While he was talking to my mother, his sport coat blew open and I saw a gun tucked in his pants. After she again told the man we were fine, she left and I told her what I saw. While she was driving, she wrote a note to give to the next gas station attendant saying who we were, where we were planning on spending the night, and that this creepy dude was following us and what he looked like. Could you please call the law in (i don't remember what town it was) and have them waiting at the hotel?

When we got to the next stop, mom raced in and handed the clerk the note and sped off with us. We got to the hotel and the manager had the cops waiting in one room and gave us another room with a pizza and pop. the man showed up and asked if his "wife and kids" had checked in yet and what room were they in. The manager gave him the key to the one with the police in it. They questioned him and found out he was a convicted rapist and also had a warrant out, so he was arrested.


19. The ghost honker.

Two years ago in 6 days I was in a car wreck and almost died. I was driving home late at night, fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into a tree on my driver side front door. I have no memory of what happened for the next couple of days, but I woke up in the ICU strapped to a bed with a respirator and feeding tube in me. I had broken bones in my skull, my collar bone, collapsed both lungs and ruptured my diaphragm. Every doctor I have seen since then looks at me in shock and tells be I shouldn't be here. The chilling part of the story is how I was found.

Some neighbors of mine were driving home late from dropping their daughter off at a bus that she was taking to camp where she was a counselor. The bus left late. It was delayed because another couple counselors were an hour and a half late. One of them was my best friend from elementary school. After they finally dropped their daughter off, they headed home and were driving down a secluded road near our neighborhood. The wife saw a car parked on the wrong side of the road, but couldn't that there was any damage, because it was dark and on the opposite side of the car. They kept driving, until she thought she heard honking and convinced her husband to turn around. I was unconscious. The car was dead and the horn was found to not be working later. They didn't know it was me until two days later. They saved my life.


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