Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.

Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.


From grandma's secret identity, to great uncle's bizarre living space, 20 people share the strangest things they found at a deceased relative's home.

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1. It’s never too late to read a book or … hundreds

My dad is a cop who worked a case where this man who committed suicide had only one relative alive, his son. The son had cut off all talk as soon as he turned 18, 20 or more years ago. The son called my dad when he got to the house asking for assistance. He sounded pretty upset on the phone so my dad raced over as soon as he could.

The father was an alcoholic with little education and worked a factory job he got with no high school degree. He was believed to be not-so-smart for lack of better term.

They stepped into the house to find HUNDREDS of books. Towering stacks, rooms full, furniture covered with books. All varying subjects from fiction to how-to. And in the front of each book was what the man had learned from it, almost like a summary.

The son was blown away, he couldn't believe what his father had been doing with the last decades of his life. The books are going to be donated, the books the son didn't pack up and ship to read himself.


2. Wedding etiquette manual for the ladies

Found my very Catholic grandmother's copy of the Kama Sutra, along with some Etiquette Manual for ladies on their wedding night from like 1918 (so it must have been her mother's before her). It was an interesting combination to find side by side.

We also found a copy of my grandparents' wedding invitation addressed to my grandfather with a handwritten note reading "You'd better not miss it!”


3. Great grandpa was an interesting man

When my great grandpa died, we had to wear surgical masks to clean his house out because he chain smoked big fat cigars for decades. The smell was ridiculous.

At one point, my uncle came running out of the house with a box screaming "I FOUND HIS SKIN FLICKS!!!!"

And later on, my cousin came out of the house with a light up Christmas reindeer under his arm and a very serious look on his face. Someone asked him what he was doing and without breaking stride or changing his expression he said "I want this.”


4. The mysterious grandmother

After my grandmother passed away, I was helping clear her flat. She was apparently 87 when she died, but we also had suspicions that she was older. She had grown up in Nazi Germany, and crossed the Berlin wall as a Russian spy and then gave herself in. We had a lot of questions that she never answered.

Then I found a cupboard full of notebooks. They were detailed diaries, and gave a lot of answers. My mum was heartbroken though when she found the date of her birth... it only said "It was born today." and then a week later said "It has been named by my mother in law.”


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