Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.

Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.


8. The rich old grandma

My grandma's house had money EVERYWHERE. Every purse had at least $100 cash. Suitcases had a few hundred more. Every coffee can or other container in her kitchen had rolls of money. There were even bags of frozen veggies in the freezer that had been split open and money hidden inside. And her bank accounts...thousands upon thousands of dollars. No one had any idea, she lived so simply and never spent a dime on anything unnecessary. I'm sure her financial paranoia was due to growing up in the Great Depression.


9. The hidden truth

Recently my boyfriends uncle passed away. He left his house to him in his will. We've been slowly going through the rooms, but on day one of the clean, we started in his closet.

We live in a very republican conservative part of Texas. Mind you, the man was never married, but was loved by all as he housed his niece who suffered from addiction.

When we went through his closet we found numerous sparkling thongs, and various phallic devices. We thought it was strange but when we moved to the bedroom we discovered photos of him and his "best friend"

Through his death we discovered that uncle was a gay man. Something he never came out with while he was alive . It makes us sad to think he had to hide who he was for his whole life as our families are pretty open and non Judgmental.


10. The rough times of marriage

Had to clean up after my grandmother passed. Found a note from back when she was with her second husband (who died in 1995) that she never gave him. She poured her heart out to him and said she couldn't be with him, she knew the timing was hard because he was sick, but she was just done. She must have had a change of heart, but it was hard to read something that carried so much of her pain and know how unhappy she was in his last year.


11. James will always be thereā€¦

Helping my mom sort through her cousin's belongings, it quickly became obvious that her cousin had led a lonely, yet eclectic life. In between beautiful pieces of modern art and Louis Vuitton luggage was stacks of letters that were never mailed and odd collections of random items. I came across a small cardboard box taped closed and labeled with "James" written in marker on the outside. I shook the box a bit, noting that felt full and was relatively heavy. I turned to my mom and told her that I thought her cousin meant for this box to go to someone named James, to which my mom said, "Oh no, honey, James is what is IN the box. Well, after he was cremated." Yep, my mother's cousin lived for years with her BFF James's ashes just hanging out in a cardboard box next to her luggage.

I quickly dropped the box of the complete stranger's ASHES and decided I had enough of packing for that day. Sadly, more than 20 years later, my family still thinks it is humorous to label gifts to me in boxes with a "James" written in black marker.


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