Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.

Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.


12. The life of a teenager

My wife’s sister died in a car accident when she was just 16. Since I had the only IT experience in the family, I was given the task of hacking into her laptop. This was back in WinXP days, I had it done in no time.

While going though her documents, I stumbled across some pictures. It was then I realized that teen girls are just as dirty minded as teen boys. There was also a chance she was a lesbian based on what I found.

I've never told anyone what I found.


13. Clearing out great uncle’s house was all worth it

My Dad was the only living relative in this state for my great uncle who was a hoarder. We found so many things in that 700 sq. Ft was awful.

We can start with the McDonalds bag with French fries from 1976 (Had the receipt in the bag, that's why we knew the date), condoms that expired in the 80s hidden in books, VHS porn, a non working toilet filled with feces (He had no running water for at least 10 years- he covered the toilet with a trash bag and duct tape), milk jugs filled with piss (we are talking about 30+), dead mice, cockroaches, and a ton of collectible items from flea markets.

In case you're wondering why we even bothered, there was almost $100,000 of a coin and bill collection, random money stuffed everywhere, random money orders not made out to anyone, and a ton of other miscellaneous things that were worth big money. So, hazmat suits and all, we all braved the disgustingness and cleared out the house and garage.


14. The mysterious grandmother

After my grandmother passed away, I was helping clear her flat. She was apparently 87 when she died, but we also had suspicions that she was older. She had grown up in Nazi Germany, and crossed the Berlin wall as a Russian spy and then gave herself in. We had a lot of questions that she never answered.

Then I found a cupboard full of notebooks. They were detailed diaries, and gave a lot of answers. My mum was heartbroken though when she found the date of her birth... it only said "It was born today." and then a week later said "It has been named by my mother in law.”


15. Social media is the new detective tool

About a year and a half ago, my step father passed away. My mother came home from work and found him on the floor in the garage. He was 52 years old.

He used to be addicted to pain killers. Had a hip replacement and surgery on his shoulder, and got addicted to his prescriptions. Eventually he was cut off and turned to heroin.

My mother wanted me to get on his Facebook page and find out where he was that day. She came home from lunch the day he died and his truck was gone.

I found various messages of him begging people for money. Messages of him asking to score some "dope". Conversations with an old stripper girl friend of his. I found the message that killed him.

He went to a friend's house to get some heroin, came home, and used it. It stopped his heart. He laid on the floor for about two hours before my mom and my ten-year-old neice found him like that.


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