Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.

Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.


16. A good friend knows exactly what needs to be done

When I was 26 my friend found out he had cancer, he went through chemo treatment and it was not killing his cancer so he was forced to move back in with his parents. About a month after moving in to his parents house I stopped by to check in on him. And when I was over he asked me if I could stop by his house and bring over his computer and then he said before you go over there call me I need you to do something when your there. I was like okay no problem, so a few days later I headed over to his house to grab his computer so I called his parents house and was told he was sleeping. So I thought what does he want me to do. And for some reason I knew that he wanted me to take the porn out of his house. So after I loaded up his computer I went searching for his porn stash it took a while but I found it and took it out of his house. Later that day I dropped off the computer and his parents and they told me he was still sleeping and he would call me later. When he called I told him what I had done and he said that's exactly what he wanted me to do. My friend died about a month later. I was crushed by it but I felt blessed that he entrusted me enough to do what he wanted so his parents wouldn't be the ones to find it.


17. The love of nana is never-ending

The autumn of the year that I was eleven years old my grandma died. My mum is one of eight, but her siblings are spread all over the country, and she had to do a lot of the house clearing. One day I went with her because I wanted to say goodbye to the place.

My nana used to compulsively order from catalogues - she ran up thousands of pounds of debt, probably mostly because she was housebound and bored and trying to buy the affection of her family.

We were cleaning her room, and among the piles of clutter we found a box labeled 'CloudOrigami's X-mas present'.

It was a tacky musical box ornament, and not something that I'd ever pick out. But the fact that she'd bought it and put it aside all those months before, even though she was really ill, and that in a way she still managed to give it to me, made it really special. I feel like she meant for that to happen.


18. Who would have thought!

I was cleaning out my cousin's house (single wide outside of Memphis, TN), which was left to me after he died in a car accident. I went to go look as I had really never been there other to pick him up a few times, to see what I wanted to keep before I moved the trailer up to my property.

So my cousin, who was a flannel wearing, factory working, southern accented, college football loving, truck driving person, turned out to be super progressive (a few years before Bernies run, he had donated to his Senate campaign and wrote him a letter in which Bernie wrote back), listened to jazz and blues as well as classical music, was a big reader, and when not around us, wore pretty upper class clothing.


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