Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.

Surprising Things People Found While Cleaning Out The Rooms Of A Deceased Person.


19. Kindness knows no boundaries

I befriended an older gentleman who had zero family or friends. He moved into our area and I struck up conversation with him after Church one particular Sunday. We kept in touch regularly for about 3 years. I would take him to Doctor appointments and the like and I think he enjoyed having someone around to keep an eye on him. He was struck down with pneumonia pretty bad and as I was the only person in his mobile phone the hospital rang me to let me know he was pretty low. It's an amazing thing to watch someone die and I'm glad he had someone around to be there with him. Afterward, as I was the only contact, I was asked by his solicitor if I would clean out his apartment. So off I went. I found his Will and a few other documents. He wasn't a millionaire or anything but he had a few rare coins, $50k in a bank account and over $300k in shares. His Will said that it was to be divided up between certain charities and other groups. However what was in his diary was the real kicker. He was to have an appointment with his solicitor the following week after he died to make changes to his will to make me the sole beneficiary of his estate. I simply pretended not to see it and move on to his old photo box that contained pictures of him in drag. Amazing as he was a very devout gent.


20. The memories of a best, goofy friend

My best friend was killed in a car accident when he was 15. I was like another son to his parents and a few weeks after his death, his mother asked me to come over to help go through his things, mainly because we basically treated our clothes as one gigantic wardrobe and half the stuff in his closet was mine, including the shirt he was wearing when he was killed. When we first went into his room, his mom said to me, "You have 10 minutes to remove anything you don't want me to see." and she handed me a duffel bag. I shut the door behind me, pulled out his sock drawer and took out the dime bag I had stashed there. Then I lifted his mattress and grabbed the two Penthouse magazines and the video my brother gave us. I zipped up the bag and opened the door. Together we went through his stuff, me grabbing my clothes and her giving me his clothes that she knew I wore all of the time. After a few minutes, I decided to play some music. I turned on his stereo and hit play on the cassette player and Journey's "Faithfully" starts playing. After a few seconds, dubbed over the song, is my friends voice, saying mushy things to this girl he's been crushing on since 8th grade. I listen for a minute then I just bust out laughing. That shit was so corny that I couldn't help it. Once I started laughing, his mom starts laughing and crying at the same time. It was the first time she had laughed since the accident and later in, she said it was a turning point for her in her grieving process. To me, it was my best friend just being goofy over some girl. I still think about him almost every day even though it's been 31 years.



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