Betrayed People Share Their Worst 'My Friend Stabbed Me In The Back' Stories.

Betrayed People Share Their Worst 'My Friend Stabbed Me In The Back' Stories.


It's the worst feeling when someone you actually trusted goes behind your back and betrays you. Here, betrayed people share their worst "my friend stabbed me in the back" stories.

1. Stupid cupid.

My buddy introduced me to a lady-friend of his at a party. I took an interest in her, asked my buddy if he was cool with me asking her out and he told me to go for it. She and I had what I thought was a great date. My buddy called me the next day to tell me that the lady wasn't interested and couldn't see a way to let me down gently, so she asked him to tell me to break all contact.

About two months later, I was drunk dialing various folks, decided to call the lady up and ask her why she had blown me off. She said that my buddy had told her that I wasn't interested and that I wouldn't be calling her any more.


2. Scumbag, indeed.

I had one "friend" that would steal from friends pretty regularly.

One time I had a small social gathering (6 or 7 people) and my new smartphone went missing. Scumbag helps me look for the phone in my house for over an hour. Later on I see my phone in his room on his desk. I just took it back, no words were exchanged. I just stopped talking to him altogether after that.

Later, he was at a mutual friend's party. Her 80GB iPod goes missing. Me and some other friends were suspicious that it was him, so the next day we called up the local pawn shop and described the iPod. Pawn shop guy said he got one that day. Sure enough, it was under scumbag's name. Pawn shop owner offered to call the cops...we declined. We approached scumbag and told him we knew. He tried to deny it, but we managed to shame him into admitting it.


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