Offended People Share The Rudest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them.

Offended People Share The Rudest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them.


Except for my boss.

I was a skinny 18 year-old and I got a job as a food runner at a restaurant. Since I was interacting with hundreds of people every day, I was very self-conscious about my lazy eye. My boss was a 30-something, loud-mouthed guy. Cocky. Big fella. But, he was well-liked.

I was cleaning some dishes in the kitchen while many of my co-workers were scurrying around. The boss enters, and out of the blue, he makes this remark for everyone to hear:

"Can you read two books at the same time? You know…because of your eyes?" He then cackled in my face.

My reaction was immediate.

I put the dishes down. I grabbed his arm as hard as I could. I escorted him to a quiet area. I looked him in the eye, and as firm and calm as I could, I said to him:

"You can make fun of me for many things. But you never make fun of my lazy eye."

I guess he was quite stunned to have a small teenager stand up to him. It really shut him up. He was very embarrassed. And he apologized.

After that incident, he got immense respect for me. We became good friends actually. He was a good guy. Just too cocky sometimes. So I was the one who had to put him in check.

Petter Brennan Rian

5. The key part is the "ex".

My ex-father-in-law had very strong feelings about any non-white race. I am Japanese-Latvian-Dutch (and I'm sure a bunch more!). Growing up in Japan, I was a foreigner, an American. Growing up in the US, I was a "sushi lady" so racism was nothing new to me, and it takes a lot to get me upset.

I was eight months pregnant with my first child and we were visiting for Christmas. I was talking about the upcoming birth. He said, "I thought you people just squatted down in the rice patty and went back to work."

I said, "No. Now my people take maternity leave."

Christine Homola DeAngelis-Webber

6. Just plane rude.

My wife and I were flying back from New York to Seattle with our 8 month old son. Before boarding the flight we learned that he had a 101°F fever. Now, for adults that might be manageable. For a baby it’s quite different.

About an hour before we reached our layover in San Francisco the baby started vomiting pretty badly. (continued...)

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