Offended People Share The Rudest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them.

Offended People Share The Rudest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To Them.


He said "It probably won't last", then changed the subject as if he said nothing of importance. Stunned, I responded with hidden shock but apparent indifference, knowing that my alternative was to say something which would get me into trouble.

I walked away without confrontation and then realized my co-worker was a 40-something, single, minimum-wage earning security guard who never hid the fact that he was a miserable human being. I didn't need to be offended; honestly, I felt sad for the guy.

Andrew Thornquist

14. That's just awful!

I was pregnant and started hemorrhaging. I went to the hospital and while there I miscarried. I was extremely distraught over losing my baby and during the procedure the nurse said "Oh, calm down already. It’s not like you lost a real baby."

As for my response, I was simply to distraught with the death of my baby to deal with that imbecile who had no couth or compassion.

Lynette Dunn-Gonzales

15. Encyclopedia Brown.

It was said to my mother, but I was there. When I was about 10, Mama reluctantly agreed to hear a sales pitch from a door-to-door encyclopedia saleswoman because a mutual friend had asked her to. The woman came in and sat down. I walked into the room and she said, "Well, that one certainly hasn't missed any meals."

When she concluded her presentation Mama said she didn't think we'd be interested in buying anything. The woman jumped up and said, "Well, don't blame me if your children grow up ignorant! I tried to help you!" and stormed out. I can’t imagine she got a lot of sales that way.

Celia Jennings-Bolton

16. Why you gotta be so mean?

I am a home schooled student. My parents opted out of standardized testing until I was ready for the ACT. In sixth grade, my aunt told me I was stupid because I didn't go to real school. I responded at the time by retreating behind my book and crying quietly. I later responded by scoring in the nations top 3% in standardized tests.

Now I'm double majoring in mechanical and manufacturing engineering on full ride scholarships, at one of the only schools in the world with a better engineering program than MIT, after turning down 6 Ivy League schools. That woman deeply hurt my self esteem and caused me to develop an inferiority complex that lasted for years. Now, I think I'm justified in saying I proved her wrong. Don't let other people's rude comments bring you dow, let them build you up.

Haley Brown


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