People Share Their Most Heartwarming Stories Of Super Smart Kids.

People Share Their Most Heartwarming Stories Of Super Smart Kids.


He said: ”Dad, how do we know we aren't just a bunch of puppets, and somebody else isn't pulling our strings?"

Dumbfounded, I remember sitting down on the toilet seat next to him, grasping for words, searching for an answer, and thinking to myself, "Wow, I'm screwed - he's already smarter than me..."

Joe Chapuis

4. The recess art society.

A few years ago when I was teaching a class of five and six year olds, a child came in and asked to do show and tell. He showed a wrapped candy. He told us that he had taken it from an art gallery, from an exhibit that was a pile of candies in a corner.

A few of the kids then blew my mind completely by having an intense debate about whether or not such a piece truly constituted art. It was unbelievable. I just sat back and marvelled at the amazing depth of their discussion.

A young fella said (and please bear in mind that he was five years old at the time):

"I keep wondering if it's still art when all the candies have been taken and it's back to being an empty corner."

Some of the other comments I remember specifically are:

"It can't be art because it's not in a frame.”

"It's art because it's in an art gallery." "But people are in an art gallery and they're not art." "Yes they are!”

"I think candy on the floor is littering.”

It was the most awe inspiring day of my teaching career so far.

Emma-Francis Rutherford

5. Kid's gonna be a detective.

My daughter when she was 20 months old:

My hubby and I locked our bedroom door for a quickie and came out.

Daughter: What were u doing inside?

Me: We were just getting changed.

Daughter: But you're wearing the same t-shirt...


6. Carbon speed dating.

I was working at the museum of natural history, and a child on a tour did the smartest thing imaginable. She was on a school trip, with her religious school. The professor explained to them that the museum’s carbon dating machine could test how old something was by analyzing a sample.

This one girl raised her hand. She had mischief in her eyes. (continued...)

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