People Share Their Most Heartwarming Stories Of Super Smart Kids.

People Share Their Most Heartwarming Stories Of Super Smart Kids.


"Sister Elizabeth?" she asked her teacher.

"Yes, dear?"

"Can they tell me how old this is?"

She yanked a copy of Harry Potter out of her knapsack and handed it to the professor. He shrugged and put it into the machine.

After some time, he removed it. "It appears that the paper is approximately one hundred and twenty years old."

"Ah ha," cried the youngster! "I knew the bible wasn't written thousands of years ago!" She tore off the Harry Potter jacket and her school’s New Testament was revealed underneath.

"Child," said the sister. "That is just one copy of the bible. It is not the original."

"But you said that God is everywhere! If God is everywhere than that book should be as old as God!"

"It’s a metaphor. God is not literally in this book!"

The girl smiled wickedly. "Finally," she replied, "we see eye to eye!"

Afterwards I saw the girl sitting on a bench by herself during lunch (her punishment). I said to her, "That wasn't very smart - embarrassing your teacher. Now you're all by myself."

The girl smiled. "I bet three of my friends their deserts that I could make the sister loose her temper in front of the whole class." She then pointed to a pile of empty candy wrappers in her lunch box.

Ben Goldenberg

7. Piano man.

I had a friend's small child (perhaps 4-5 years old at the time) over, and he discovered my piano and banged on it a little.

"What's that?" said an amused parent, who probably intended to introduce the word "piano," if he didn't already know it.

"Sound," replied the child, and wandered off to explore the next curiosity. Nobody corrected him.

Betsy Megas

8. X-men.

This happened when my daughter was three. We had just visited my wife after she was recovering in the hospital from her C-section delivering my son. On the way out, there was an open door where two doctors were discussing an x-ray. My daughter ran into the room and got on top of a stool that was in between the two doctors. (continued...)

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