People Share Their Most Heartwarming Stories Of Super Smart Kids.

People Share Their Most Heartwarming Stories Of Super Smart Kids.


She said, "I know what's wrong with this patient." The two doctors looked at each other quizzically and one said: "Yes, and what is your diagnosis?" I apologized. The other doctor said, "We're not that much in a hurry, we would like to hear what she has to say."

My daughter pointed at the x-ray and named off the bones she was able to see - femur, tibia, fibula, patella. And then she pointed at the top bone and said, "the man has a broken femur", pointing at the fracture on the X-ray. The doctor said, "Perfect diagnosis. But we have one problem. The patient in this x-ray is not a man." She responded, "how was I supposed to know?" The doctor explained briefly, "Women on average have shorter femurs than men. This femur is only 17 inches long."

By this time, I was completely embarrassed by the interruption. The two doctors turned to me and asked if I had worked at the hospital. I told them no, I'm an engineer. "How does she know so much about the human anatomy?" I told them that I ran out of body parts to teach her when she was two, she learned all of the major bones and muscles. She absorbs everything like a sponge.

We parted ways after the two doctors said to each other, "get ready to pay for medical school, Dad."

Konrad Roeder

9. So many activities.

Once when I was trying to plan something for my wife's birthday I asked my 5-year-old daughter what we should do for her.

"I dunno", she said. "Well how do we show someone we love them?" I asked. "You play with them," was her answer.

The clarity of that response floored me. For all the parents that try to buy their child's love by giving them expensive gifts: if you want to show your love do something with them. It's so simple and yet how easily we lose this simple clear truth.

Alan Ljungberg

10. Some assembly required.

I was packing my bag for a business trip when our 4-year-old daughter approached, asking for my help in assembling her dinosaur-bone surprise-egg toy.

I told her that I couldn't do it as the instructions were have been misplaced. I promised her to that I would look for the instructions once I got back. Arranging those bones would've taken more than 10 minutes and I might have missed my flight.

She rushed to get her crayons and a piece of paper and seconds later she shouted to me, "I've got the instructions! It should be fairly easy to assemble now. Can you please assemble for me now?"

I paused my packing and laughed. These are the "instructions" she gave me... (continued...)

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