People Who Married Their Ex's Sibling Share How They REALLY Feel About It.

People Who Married Their Ex's Sibling Share How They REALLY Feel About It.


So THEY name their first son after my father and me... ergo my nephew has MY name. My ex-GF now shrieks my name every time Lil' Taylor gets into something.

That is NOT how I wanted that break-up to go AT ALL.

My wife is OK with things, because we don't live in the same city as my family and only see each other the rest of the family on holidays and special occasions. However, it doesn't help stereotypes that we happen to be from a southern state. No Southerner wants to contribute to inbreeding jokes more than they absolutely have to.


5. But I'm too young!

My dad dated my aunt first. He proposed and she turned him down saying she was too young (18). Six months later my mom and him got married.

My mom was freshly divorced from a physically abusive man and had two young boys to take care of so I think that had a lot to do with her motivation. My dad had a good job and had always had a thing for her, just dated the sister as a second best, he said. Sad but they were married for 25 years before he passed.

However, I was raised believing my aunt was a drug addicted sex worker. My mom hated her because of an incident where my aunt tried to win him stripping and sitting on his my 1st birthday. The whole situation was a family secret till I was older.


6. A win.

Currently dating younger sister of an ex. Ex and I were really close friends for years (met her through another ex actually) and tried dating for a while, it didn't work because I couldn't really stop seeing her as a friend only. Younger sister always crushed on me and was flirty but obviously ignored it because I really liked the whole family and didn't want to do anything to mess that up.

Broke up with ex, about a month later the sister is up at college like 1.5 hours from me, we've been texting and she says she wants me to visit. One thing led to another and 6 months later here we are. Ex doesn't really talk to me when I'm around the house on breaks or whatever, but the family still really likes me so that's a win maybe I'll update this post in a few years.


7. "I understand why my father would have been in love with her..."

At the age of 29 I had the worst end to a relationship of my life. It absolutely crushed me. My sister had committed suicide earlier that year so I had already been unstable and this just set me over the edge.

My father, seeing me despondent, tried to console me. I think he was still trying to come to terms with the death of my sister or he might not have told me, I think he was worried what I might do. He shared the only similar experience he had, the one that got away: my aunt.

Some context here, of my mother's five other siblings, this aunt is the one who is the closest with my mom. She is as close to a second mother as I have, and her children the closest thing I have to siblings left. She's an amazing woman, kind and generous to a fault. If she has a weakness it's that she's too busy helping everyone else so gets overworked on occasion. I relate this both to say how close my family is to her and that I understand why my father would have been in love with her...


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