People Who Married Their Ex's Sibling Share How They REALLY Feel About It.

People Who Married Their Ex's Sibling Share How They REALLY Feel About It.


Fast forward ten years, they have three kids together, but fight constantly. My mother basically had two priorities - her children, and her career. She made that work, but there wasn't much time left for the luxury life my father seemed to want. Since both of my parents weren't around that much, my mother's younger sister - who rebelled against the family's ideas of studying finance, and pursued a career in music instead - would spend her summers in the US, taking care of me and my younger siblings. And things were going well for her, too - she had a mysterious lover who would take her on lavish trips around the world, and shower her in gifts.

It was my dad. When my mother found out she filed for divorce and moved back to Europe. My father and my aunt ended up marrying and having two kids of their own, who are now both my half-siblings and my cousins. My mother and father hate each other passionately to this day, and only see each other in court for the legal battle that has been going on for over twenty years now. Weirdly enough, I still think it turned out for the best - both my parents are much happier than they ever were when they were together.


12. Helps.

My mom used to date my dad's younger brother. They broke up but remained on friendly terms and a few years later my dad got together with my mom. They all get along great. Turned out my uncle is gay as a rainbow, that probably helps.


13. Nice.

I dated my sister-in-law in high school and actually lost my virginity to her. We broke up and a few years after high school I ran into her older sister and we just hit it off. We've been married for a little over a year now.


14. What's the OTHER story?

I have a story for both of my wife's sisters but I'll just stick to one.

This sister is my age and used to be my best friend. We came close to hooking up a few times but I saw her as more of a good friend. I dated a ton of her close friends and eventually her little sister who I later married and had kids with.

As soon as I started dating my wife the friendship went super downhill.

She is always salty to both of us during brief meets but when we spend a few hours or more together we have a blast like the old times.

My wife has recently brought childhood books and notepads to our house for our kids from her parents house. I found several doodles with hearts with the older sister and my name in them.


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