Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.

Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.


People on Reddit were asked: "What things have you done 'by the book' just to piss off your boss?" These are some of the best answers.

1. I start work when I start work, not one second before

Back when I was working and attending classes I would go straight from campus to work, getting me there anywhere from 10-20 minutes early before my shift. On occasion my boss would ask me to help him out with something before I clock on, putting something away or answering the phone. Over the span of a couple months, this evolved from "occasionally" to "every day your shift starts when you get here".

After doing this for a couple weeks (still clocking in at my usual 3pm) I decide that if I'm working for a few extra minutes each day, I'm gonna get paid for it. I did this ONCE, and I didn't make it an hour into my shift before my boss is screaming at me and throwing down the employee handbook saying that I'm only allowed to clock in 5 minutes before and after my scheduled shift.

Needless to say, I made it a point to not check in until 5 minutes after my scheduled shift every day, no matter how early I was. Fast forward 3 months and my boss gets fired. He got what was coming to him.


2. Time to lawyer up!

While I was in the Navy it was recommended that I get a extensive surgery on my ankle. My command felt that I "didn't deserve a bunch of time off for a surgery" so they said they would approve it but none of the convalescent leave. They refused to sign ANY paperwork.

First thing I did was hit them with the regulation stating that they were required to respond to all requests within a certain amount of time (3 days I think). They responded with a "no". So then I had Navy legal draw up paperwork (with accordance to regulations) that my command would be responsible for 100% of my medical care if they did not abide by doctors orders. I then let them know that would mean that ALL of my medical care would then be handled by civilians and the command would be responsible for paying the bill out of their budget.

They approved my surgery, convalescent leave, and convalescent leave extension.


3. Once you get the customers involved, you always win

Worked at the front desk of a gym. Scanning key cards you know, being a watchdog as my boss liked to say. Only problem is when a dog gets hungry he doesn't feel like doing much. Didn't matter if it was a 12 hour shift or an 8 hour shift, no lunch break for the front desk, and of course no eating at the front. Well this dog happens to love sammiches, so I would tell all the people who asked me how I was doing that I was great, minus the fact that I haven't eaten in 8 hours. I would proceed to tell them about the policy and encourage them to tell my boss to let me eat.

Well after I had told enough people, I began eating my sammiches at the front. First time boss caught me mid bite and said "What are you doing?" I said "Eating my sammich." As luck would have it a daily member walks up and says "You know boss you should let him eat up here, it's not hurting anyone." Victory.


4. Sometimes you just can't win

In the Navy you must always have a white t-shirt under your uniform. I had a Senior Chief who constantly checked if your t-shirt was not visible and required that it bee seen. I checked the uniform regs and found that while in a working uniform you can wear a V-neck tee. Started wearing them and he took notice as soon as he saw me. I told him that the regs allowed it. He scowled and his only comment was, "One for the blue shirts" and walked away. Then he hammered me for every reg violation he could find. Smart [people] never win. At least not in today's Navy.


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