Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.

Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.


5. Beggars can't be choosers

Worked in one corporate kitchen where our GM didn't like our music so he would put on children's music, so we all started singing a long at the top of our lungs...We won that war of attrition.

Years later in another kitchen we had surround sound in a closed kitchen where the uppity GM did not like our music and started passing draconian censorship rules about the we switched it to children's music for a week.


6. All the rebelling!

Well, I like to make memes illustrating my frustration with certain customers and then share them with my co-workers (hanging them up on our bulletin board, or on people's mailboxes) just to vent and have a little fun. The boss decided this was inappropriate and could somehow affect our customer service scores (still trying to figure out his logic on that one), but told us "work appropriate" memes are fine. So, we did the only rational thing and made a metric [ton] of overly positive memes and plastered them everywhere around the back office. I work at a hotel. My personal favorite is the "all the things" meme saying "Love all the guests!"


7. Do it by the book and you'll always come out on top

Used to work at a TV station. Absolutely awful management and horrible bosses. Complained about it to friends all the time. Some would even ask me on Facebook about my job and I would reply- but I knew I could get fired for speaking ill of the company. So I read the HR Handbook and found out as long as I don't specifically name the company, I can't be fired for it.

So, about a month later, I realize I can't take this [crap] anymore and post on Facebook how terrible my job is, never mentioning the company by name. They fire me a day later, I gladly walk out of that building and into a lawyer's office- got $17,800-my yearly salary (seriously). Feels good man.


8. They asked for it...

Working at Big 5 there was a policy that men had to be clean shaven or have a mustache; no beards or goatees or star-burns. I can NOT wear a mustache without looking like either a pedophile or an 80's porn star, but I hate shaving every day. So I grew out the biggest, creepiest Hulk Hogan stache ever witnessed and wore it proudly for the entire time I worked there.


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