Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.

Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.


9. This guy had it coming from the start

My boss is a huge douche. All he does all day long is walk around and make sure everyone has their shirt tucked in. (and generally be a negative prick who everyone hates)

So I come into work on my birthday the other day, and my friend runs up to me and yells "Happy birthday!" right in front of my bosses office. He looks up and I'm thinking he's going to say happy birthday since he no doubt heard her. Instead he said "Yeah go ahead and tuck your shirt in k?" and he does the hand signal like he's tucking in an imaginary shirt. So I say "ok no prob, I just have to put my stuff down real quick and I'll take care of it." So I walk over to my desk, which takes approx 7 seconds to get to. I go to put my stuff down, and as I am he comes up behind me again and says "I said to tuck in your shirt!" So I quickly tuck it in, and as he's walking literally right by me I say "SorryIi just had to put my stuff down first" and he walks by like I never said a word.

Immediately, I bust out my HR manual, and check out the rule on tucked in shirts. Turns out you must tuck in all shirts EXCEPT a Hawaiian shirt or a "Guayabera" shirt. So I take [go] to Walmart, and buy 10 of those, and wear the most obnoxious Hawaiian looking shirt the next day. The second I walked in, he looked me up and down, glared, turned around and walked away. When everyone asked why I was wearing such a ridiculous shirt, I told them about the loophole, and now half my office is wearing Hawaiian shirts, and its driving my boss [wild]...all within the guidelines outlined by company policy.


10. At this point it's go big or go home

I worked at a chain American restaurant, and had this one manager that would always send me home to shave if I came to work with a 5 o'clock shadow. I was a busboy, and never even talked to the customers so I don't know why she had it out for my facial hair (which I grow like Wolverine). Technically, we could be either clean-shaven or have a full-grown beard/goatee/mustache. So I took a week off, grew a beard, and came to work the next day to show it off. Suck it.


11. These rules are soooo stupid

In the [fast food restaurant] I used to work at in PA it was the norm to for the managers to not clock out for their lunch breaks which meant if you had this huge rush you HAD to get up and help. Well, according to da rules of da state we were entitled to a lunch break off the clock undisturbed. Well one day I had enough and clocked out, sat down and had some noms. The owner walked in and wanted to know why I wasn't helping cause they were backed up so I put him on notice. And everyone left me alone after that and actually started doing it themselves.


12. Just so unnecessary

I used to work at a lingerie store as an assistant manager so I had to dress nice and look professional. All the other girls wore huge heels and always ended up complaining about how sore their feet were at the end of their shift and I always wore flats to avoid having sore feet. They were still nice, stylish shoes, but they didn't have towering heels on them. My manager always used to get mad at me for not wearing heels and tried to claim it was part of the dress code.

I looked it up and showed her that it didn't say anywhere that I had to wear heels, just that I had to wear acceptable work attire or something like that and she tried to tell me it was an out of date dress code or something so I would tell her that she should get an updated one then. Eventually, she brought head office into the argument and the provincial manager was trying to tell me to wear heels to work. I told them they would have to pay me more than minimum wage to ruin my feet. I did not get a raise and no one ever told me to wear heels to work again.


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