Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.

Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.


13. You betcha!

We were recently told we had to get non-slip/slip-resistant shoes, else risk being fired. Rather than buying the [unattractive] black kind all of my coworkers got, I got a bright purple pair of Doc Martens. All of the managers gave me a are those slip-resistant?" You bet.


14. One of the best responses so far. You go girl!

When I worked at [an electronics store], the dress code was black shoes, pants, belt and tucked in blue shirt. Never wore a belt nor tucked my shirt in. My boss would constantly freak on me for not having my shirt tucked in, and finally got on my case for not wearing a belt either. So I checked the dress code, found it said "belt if there are belt loops on the pants" or something, so I found an exacto knife, and cut off my belt loops. The next morning, I come in, and she says "WHERES YOUR BELT?" I grinned at her and said "WHERES MY BELT LOOPS?" and gave her the biggest grin I could muster. One of my finest moments.


15. Classic "doing it just to piss them off"

At our store they wanted a minimum of 70% of our transactions to be a membership transaction. So either someone with a membership, or we sign someone up for a membership. I would for a few days in a row get 100% (by only ringing one person through on my whole shift and making them use or sign up for a membership) and then randomly I'd ring someone though and make sure I don't use their membership card, so that day I would be at 0%. When they'd come to me and [complain] that my percentage was 0 I'd tell them that i've been 100% all week, and that it was only one transaction that I did that day and the person didn't want to sign up.

They couldn't get mad at me for 0% on 1 person (you can't win em all) and they couldn't get mad at me for only ringing in 1 person every other day because my numbers were 100%. It annoyed the hell out of them, but on paper it looked great.


16. These dress codes are getting way out of hand

I used to work at [an amusement park]. Our uniform consisted of a blue t-shirt, jeans or jean shorts, white socks, and white shoes. The "unofficial" dress code had all of us girls wearing jean shorts and white knee socks.

One day, I didn't have any normal sized socks to wear, so I ended up wearing my white knee-highs, which looked RIDICULOUS with the Jungle costume. When I got to work, one of my managers flipped, told me my socks weren't in compliance with "The Look" (the official policies on how to dress) and made me roll my socks down. It looked like I was wearing little white life preservers around my ankles, and looked more out of place than they looked originally.

I was annoyed, so when I went home, I scoured my Look booklet for the policies pertaining to socks. All I could find was that socks had to be long enough to cover the ankle bone. There was no maximum height. Hell, I could have worn white tights under my khaki shorts if I really wanted to.

The next day, I wore my knee-highs again, as a small act of rebellion. The same manager was there, and he flipped out. He actually pulled me into the office to write me up, but before he could get me to sign the paperwork, I pulled out my copy of The Look and showed him that, while incredibly silly looking, my socks were perfectly acceptable, and that I would continue wearing them like that.

And so I did. I looked stupid, but I didn't care. Working for [the park] wasn't a pleasant experience in my opinion, and it was very liberating to know that I could at least wear my socks however the hell I wanted to.


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