Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.

Resentful Employees Reveal What They Did "By The Book" Just To Annoy Their Boss.



I used to work [at] a warehouse on the order picking line. The line is divided into sections for efficiencies sake, and the rules said you could have a radio in your section (no mention of volume control). This lead to radio wars. You have yours turned up, so I have to turn mine up louder to hear my music, and it escalates from there. I don't particularly care for pop/metal/hip-hop/top 40/classic rock, but I suffered it until the volume wars started. I tried to talk to the radio owners, no luck. I tried the supervisors, no luck. I tried actual office dwellers, no luck.

On my day off, I went to the pawn shop and bought the biggest, loudest, portable radio I could find. I went in to work a little early, and got set up (unwritten rule was whoever got there first picked the music). Work starts, and I turned on the public radio talk stuff. Not loud, just on. The section on either side of mine started turning their radios up a bit at a time until it got too loud. I got to my radio, turned it to AM, and found static. I then turned my radio up as loud as it would go, almost drowning out the other radios in my area. "WTF?" "Hey, you like death metal, I like white noise. It relaxes me." About 15 min after I turned on my "music," here comes the supervisor. I explained that what I was doing was no different than anything anyone else was doing, and within the "rules."


18. Taking one for the team

At a former workplace, the dress code was changed. Men were no longer allowed to wear shorts. Women could wear skirts. I started wearing a kilt, because skirts were ok in the rulebook.


19. What a party-pooper!

My boss went away for about 3-4 weeks for a conference, and while he was away, a workmate and I had an idea... a George Foreman grill, and then we'd go to the deli and grab stuff for lunch: hamburgers, lamb chops, pork, steaks etc.

We did this every day for over a month, and when the boss got back he put a stop to it, with the exact words "I don't want that thing inside the office". So we took it to the shared kitchen area on our floor. We rented a suite.

When he got angry at that, and said "I DONT WANT IT ON THIS FLOOR", we took it down to the underground parking area and used the power outlet at his parking space while he was out at lunch. He caught us because he was coming back from lunch with a business partner (in the car with him) and we were hunched over a tiny George Foreman grill making hamburger patties. Imagine 3 IT guys, crouching on the ground like cavemen, in a poorly lit underground parking lot, cooking hamburger on the concrete floor. Yeah, it went over about as well as you would think.

If he didn't specifically use the words "Take that home or I will break it and throw it in the trash" our next step was to use the power point in the parking lot of the church directly opposite the building (and facing his office)


20. If there's a will, there's a way

I worked in the warehouse. For whatever reason, they had a strict dress policy of khaki pants, this awful collar shirt that also had to be tucked in. This went for everyone, even warehouse. I discovered through an old warehouse employee guide (shoved in a draw years ago and forgotten about) That as long as warehouse employees had khaki colored shorts, with no cargo pockets, and a t shirt with [the company] logo there would be no problem.

[The company] stopped making [company] t-shirts long before I started, but thanks to a local Salvation Army, I was able to pick up, two [company] t-shirts, and a quick trip to Target for some shorts, and my new uniform was set. My mangers were not happy about my appearance, claiming I looked sloppy and unkempt.

Even better, when the dude (who hated his job, and just slept in the back, and talked on his cell phone all day) from the warehouse found out about this, he too had some old [company] t-shirts, and joined in. Management hated us working together.


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