Stories Of Customers Who Were Hilariously Mistaken For Employees.

Stories Of Customers Who Were Hilariously Mistaken For Employees.


I went ahead and kneeled so that I was eye level with him and told him, "If you want that game so bad, walk over there and pick it up, I'm not your mom."

The kid runs off and actually gets his mom. My buddy and I are having a good chuckle at this, as we head off to stand in line. While we are standing there, here comes the kid again with his mom in tow.

Mom starts throwing a fit at the front, saying that some employee "attacked" her kid, and she demands that said employee is fired.

Right about now my buddy and I are stepping up to the register to pay for our games. The kid looks up at me and goes, "That's him!"

Mom just explodes on me. Meanwhile my buddy and I are cracking up. In the midst of me on the verge of tears from laughing, this lady losing her mind, and my buddy goading this woman on further, the manager comes up front and asks what's going on.

Lady explains how I was rude to her son and refused to do my job etc. Manager looks at me, looks back at this lady, at me, back at lady…

Finally, he tells her, "Ma'am, he doesn't work for us."

Dead. Silence.

My buddy then speaks up, "So, I take it won’t be getting an employee discount?"


3. Fast food, slow customers.

I work at a fast food restaurant. My store is surrounded by grocery stores, so I do my grocery shopping when I get off work some nights.

One night, I walk in with headphones on, still wearing my work uniform. I was just browsing when all of a sudden this woman comes up to me, pulls out one of my headphones and says, "You work here. You shouldn't be listening to music while you're stocking. Now do your job and help me find toilet paper."

"Ma'am, I'm off the clock and I DON'T EVEN WORK HERE, get the hell away from me and let me buy my macaroni."

She immediately goes to find a manager. She finds me a few rows over, manager in tow, and starts SCREAMING. The manager finally got a word in edgewise and said, "Ma'am, she doesn't work here, she's a customer just like you."


Yeah, and that name tag also has a fast food logo on it. Like my shirt. And my pants. Good lord.


4. Pump it up.

I was just at a gas station, pumping gas, when the lady at the pump across from me sticks her head around and, in limited English, asks if I can help her for a second. I speak a bit of Spanish, so I reply in kind. She says she's having a problem with the credit card reader. I go over there.Turns out she put her card in backwards and it's stuck. Easy enough, got it out for her, showed her how to put it the right way. She thanks me, I head back to my Jeep and start to put the pump back, only to find ANOTHER woman blocking my way. (continued...)

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