Stories Of Customers Who Were Hilariously Mistaken For Employees.

Stories Of Customers Who Were Hilariously Mistaken For Employees.


"It took you long enough. I've waited 5 minutes already, hurry up and pump my gas!"

I look over - sure enough, Oregon plates. "In Washington we pump our own gas. If you need help go into the store and talk to somebody who works here."

Well, she snaps. "What the f***? You won't help me because I speak English? You racist! Go pump my gas or I'm going to get you fired."

I said, "You're right, I'm sorry. Head back to your car and I'll be with you in a moment." The thought of taking her credit card and seeing how far I could throw it did cross my mind, but instead I just jumped into my car and took off. The look on her face was hilarious.


5. Why do they keep calling???

A couple of times a week, for the last several months, I've been receiving phone calls from an employer in my city. They have an employee who apparently works for them on a contract, on-call basis, and this employee seems to have given them my phone number instead of his own on his employment records. Therefore, I've been getting calls on days when they want him to come into work.

I've told them repeatedly they have the wrong number, and I don't know the person, so I can't forward the message. I tell them the same thing later in the day when they call back complaining that this guy didn't show up for work. It's gotten to the point where I consider the calls to be harassment, but unfortunately, my cell phone service does not give me the option of blocking a phone number.

My responses to their repeated calls have become more obnoxious as time goes on, yet they still persist in calling me. At this point, if neither the employee nor the employer have learned enough from the situation to correct their records, I'm thinking they deserve each other. Employer deserves an AWOL employee, and employee deserves a lack of employment. I'm done.


6. Smoke show.

I was walking to work. I was wearing jeans and some random t-shirt, had my purse and a plastic bag with my lunch, and was smoking a cigarette. I was 25 at the time.

As I'm passing a bakery, 20-30 high school kids come out and start walking right ahead of me. Since I'm smoking and the wind is blowing forward, I decide to wait for traffic to cross the road to get away from the students. Mrs. Teacher lady must have smelled the smoke and looked back to see me, waiting to cross the road.

This began this case of mistaken identity. (continued...)

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