Stories Of Customers Who Were Hilariously Mistaken For Employees.

Stories Of Customers Who Were Hilariously Mistaken For Employees.


She basically explodes. "I can't believe you would try to pull that! You know how I feel about smoking and on a field trip none the less! When we get back to school you're going straight to detention!" So now I'm confused, and apparently the teacher's confused as to why I'm smoking.

"Um. I'm not in your class." Traffic opens up and I attempt to cross the steet. She actually physically stops me.

"That's not the point! Smoking is against school rules no matter what homeroom you're in!"

"No, like, I don't go to your school at all. I'm 25. I'm going to work."

Silence. Amazing, hilarious, awkward silence.

Finally a student pipes up, "Yeah, no, I've never seen that girl before." A few others agree. Teacher still doesn't speak.

"I'm, uhm, I'm gonna cross the road now."

Teacher like half nods and mumbles yeah, a few students snicker and laugh. I give them the peace sign because I'm still half awake and hadn't processed what just happened.


7. The shoe is on the other foot.

This happened at a big box store in high school (over a decade ago). I lived in a small town, and this store was fairly new. So, to fend off boredom, a friend and I went there to just look around. We're wandering the aisles, looking at cheap velcro shoes. Suddenly, a small gentleman comes up to us, holding a single shoe.

He asks us in a polite tone, "You help me?" And gestures towards the shoe. Clearly, English is not his first language, but he's trying. We both apologize and begin to explain. Neither of us work here. Employees wear blue...

He cuts us off. "You help...ME," in a polite, but insistent, tone. I look at my friend. He shrugs.

We decide to do the right thing. We help this guy look for shoes for about 10 minutes.


8. Turkey shoot.

My day started with me showing up to work only to realize that today was my day off. With that, I decided to go and buy a turkey for Thanksgiving. I didn't go back home to change because the store was closer, so I went shopping in a typical office outfit, not thinking anything of it.

There were plenty of turkeys, and I chose a nice big FAT one. I was salivating already. As I was about to put it into my cart, this older woman says, "I want THAT one" and reaches for it. I thought that this was a joke. Boy was that a mistake. (continued...)

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