Teachers Who Have Looked Up Former Students On Social Media Share What They Found.

Teachers Who Have Looked Up Former Students On Social Media Share What They Found.


9. A proud teacher

I taught at Nasa for a few weeks during my teacher training. One of the students became part of a team that builds robots for Mars. One of the students got sent to space for a year while his twin stayed home.

I taught a year in college. One of my students is part of the White House Staff. I have a student working for the FBI for cyber security. Veterinarian, Undertaker, Manager, Engineer, etc.

I am proud of all my students.


10. Walking on his own

I'm a teaching instructor for a self-contained SID elementary classroom. I've been working here for a few years and one of my first students came back in with his mother and he was walking! I know it's not as impressive as other stories but it was so exciting to see him walking on his own!


11. He has done well for himself

I had a kid called Michael. I once asked him what sport it was that he applied himself to to be so fit (kid was ripped), he replied "running from the cops." He also told me his family was proud generational welfare recipients and he hoped to do the same.

Last I saw he was alive, not in jail and on welfare.

If one of my former students were to cure cancer, they would still not be as successful as Michael.



As an interventionist, I used to teach 9th grade students who were considered "at-risk." According to the school administration... they would probably never get to cross the graduation stage.

Four years later: I follow some of them on Instagram and they all look wonderful in their senior (cap and gown) pictures. In a few short weeks they'll be attending prom and then it's time to count down until graduation day. One even bought his first very own car already!


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