Teachers Who Have Looked Up Former Students On Social Media Share What They Found.

Teachers Who Have Looked Up Former Students On Social Media Share What They Found.


16. Going to college

I have a couple of girls I taught who came from immigrant families (the girls were both born in the U.S.) who are both starting their Master's programs this fall.

One boy I taught has his own video production company; I think he's about 23 or 24 now, and he seems to do good business and get paid jobs.

I was in a rough inner-city charter school for most of my time teaching, so the success stories are a little harder to come by. I have more former students who had kids by the time they hit 18 than who went to college.

I spent my last year teaching at a rural traditional school, and some of those kids are entering their senior year of college this year. I don't see as much from them, but I was only at that school for a year.


17. The one who got the highest GED scores

I tutored a girl who was just awful. She was 18, dropped out of high school, dating a much older man, and was constantly on her phone while I'll was trying to explain stuff. We were prepping for her GED test.

She never let me know how the test went. On a whim, I looked her up on MySpace. Part of her profile said "got my GED and they said I had one of the highest scores they ever seen."

A lot of people would be snickering at that, but working with her changed my perspective. She was a girl who had been through the foster care system trying to make the best of things. She had mentioned that people talked down to her for as long as she could remember. But she had this to be proud of, and I'm glad I got to help even if she was pretty insufferable the entire time. I wonder how she's doing now.


18. This father’s former students

My dad taught high school (mostly English and history) for over 30 years.

One of his former students is actually my immediate superior at work. If he has any clue about this, he's never let on, but my dad asks about him from time to time.

Another became a big-name fashion designer that was mainly famous for large, controversial billboard featuring scantily clad models. It was hard to tell what was being advertised.

By far the best, though, was after leaving a restaurant that happened to be located next door to a strip club, he insisted that one of the strippers smoking outside was a former student. I called his bluff, and, as we walked away, he shouted "hey [girl's name]!" Of the several girls outside, she was the only one that reacted.


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