This Inspiring Mother Refused To Give Up On Her Son's Disability. Just Look At Him Now.

This Inspiring Mother Refused To Give Up On Her Son's Disability. Just Look At Him Now.


Ding Ding, a 29 year old from central China, who has cerebral palsy, has been accepted to Harvard University.

In 1988, Ding nearly suffocated during child birth complications which left him with cerebral palsy. After his birth, the doctors suggested to his mother to give up the baby, because it was pointless to try and rescue him as he would grow up either disabled or with low intelligence.

However, his mother ignored the doctors and devoted her whole life to helping her son overcome adversity and make the most of his disability.

In order to support her family and provide treatment for his son, Ding's mother, Zou Hongyan, took up several jobs including a full-time position at a college, a part time jobs as a protocol trainer, and selling insurance.

She regularly took him to rehabilitation centres and learned how to massage his stiff muscles. She also continuously played puzzles and educational games with him.

Zou wanted her son to overcome his disability as much as possible and so, she insisted on teaching him how to use chopsticks, even though he had a difficult time doing so.

"I didn't want him to feel ashamed about this physical problems," she said, "Because he had inferior abilities in many areas, I was quite strict on him to work hard to catch up where he had difficulties."

Ding went on to graduate with a degree in environmental science from Peking University's school of engineering in 2011. That same year, he enrolled in a second degree program at the university's international law school.

After working for 2 years, Ding was accepted into Harvard Law School in 2016.

"I never dared to dream of applying to Harvard," Ding said, "It was my mother who never stopped encouraging me to give it a try. Whenever I had any doubts, she would guide me forward."

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