Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.

Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.


From having existential crisis, to destroying a cornfield with no recollection of the event, 16 people share their worst drug experiences.

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1. Beyond existential crisis

My current boyfriend used to smoke a lot apparently in high school. You wouldn't know that now, by the way he acts around things like synthetics and marijuana itself.

One night, we had gone out to smoke some fake, cheap rose herbal stuff. A friend of mine swore by it. I had a couple of tokes, but I stopped because it was really harsh. My boyfriend kept hitting it. We're walking back to his dorm when all of a sudden he gets this look on his face, and he asks if he can sit down. We sit. Couple minutes later, he's like “Am I dying?" and then it just goes downhill.

I take him back to my dorm, and he's rocking back and forth on my bed, crying and seriously freaking out. Every few minutes he asks me if he's dying, and that if he is I need to promise that I'll call 911. He hasn't been able to smoke, consume or vape ever since.


2. A life saver!

I dated a guy whose roommate was always tweaking or experimenting with drugs. That itself wasn't a problem, but I remember being slightly drunk at their apartment and watching a mutual friend have a violent seizure/foam at the mouth/vomit/piss his pants while people laughed and poked him. I'm only 5'2" so I instructed my boyfriend to turn him on his side before I called 911 because everyone was too messed up to understand what was going on.


3. When drugs kick in at odd times

So, it was the mid-90s and I had an idea. Freaknik was going on and I bought a bunch of those little green army men and glued little sponge balls to their heads and intended to sell them as "Souldiers."

At the time, I was doing a lot of acid. I decided to have some before heading downtown with my friends. I had two types of acid in my parents' freezer. One was strong, one was really weak. Neither had designs on them, but I thought I knew which was which. I didn't know and ended up taking 90 some hits of the strong one.

I was somewhere near the perimeter on the edge of the city when the drugs kicked in.

I started freaking out pretty quickly so we got off the train and went back the other way to our car. My buddy was driving and I started feeling sick. Not wanting to throw up in his car, I jumped out of the car as it was still going (accounts differ, but the average is that the car was going around 20-25.) and puked there. Then we got to my house.

I don't remember much of the night, though I know I tried to drown myself in the little pond in the backyard. I was convinced that I had gone insane and that I would be that way forever. Finally, about 4 or 5 hours later, my friends pointed out to me that I'd taken acid. I immediately came down and was fine.

I only tried acid one more time in my life after that - and that was also a bad trip.


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