Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.

Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.


4. The song that changed his life

Okay, so my friend had one bad experience from weed and never wanted to do it again. I argued that he had only the one bad experience and that because he'd been drinking, it might have been the booze that made him sick. After about a year of debating it, he agreed to smoke with myself and some other friends.

It goes good for a bit and we decide to play Rockband, specifically, The Beatles. My friend is laughing and having a great time, and we're laughing with him. We play "I am the Walrus" and he talks about how he finally understands it and we laugh. We take a break after that and while we're just goofing off, we ask my friend what the song meant. He starts to say something, goes really pale, and says, "I don't want to talk about it," goes into one of the bedrooms, and goes to sleep.

To this day, he has no idea what he was going say, but he doesn't like the song anymore.


5. This could have been prevented

Not mine, but a close friend of mine. He was out climbing with 2 other friends after they consumed some shrooms. One of the people with him had a bad home life, and has been suicidal in the past, we'll call him Sal. He was a generally happy kid, at least outwardly. The day got progressively colder, which is strange for this part of the world. They were climbing the final stretch to the summit, prepared to smoke a few bowls at the top. Sal was a little behind the my two other friends. Suddenly he started screaming, saying he needed to go home. My two other friends tried to calm him down, but since they were climbing there was not a lot they could do. Sal got quiet, so my friends thought he had come back to reality a little.

They got to the top and looked down just in time to see Sal do a gainer off of the cliffside, which was ~100ft. The fall instantly killed him. The other two people scrambled down the hill as fast as they could, but there was nothing they could do. Search and Rescue was called, body collected, and that was that.


6. My heart beats like a drum, like a drum, dum dum dum

One day I was beginning to get very concerned that my prescription of Adderall was building tolerance too fast so I took an extra dosage in an attempt to rediscover the genuine profound interest that I had in learning at the very beginning when I started taking my script, instead I ended up feeling my heart tap against my rib cage for awhile. Very… different experience I will say.

Bonus Story; The First time I took Adderall was from my friend who insisted that I have ADD (Which is very true) but I was not for taking drugs, but eventually gave over because I had a hard night and had to work the next day. Well she wasn’t very smart about it and gave me a 30mg IR for my first time, and well it ends with my Manager being impressed at me trying to work an entire Little Caesars by myself.


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