Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.

Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.


7. Losing touch with reality isn’t always as pleasant

It was the second time I grew some Cubensis B+. I ate 2.5g with my wife, as usual. But this harvest was very powerful for unknown reason.

We lost control and have no idea what happened so far. Some pieces of memory are about walking in another dimension and changing it with my own mind. In real world I broke everything in the flat, left several hematomas on my wife. (She lost her memory too, but did not move around like I did.)

And I fell from 3rd floor with no pants. I broke my spine hard, luckily bone pieces did no damage to spinal nerves. I found myself in the circle of frightened neighbours with my penis naked.


8. Feeling like the awkward Yeti

I've tried over 10 illegal drugs in my time, from class C's to A's. The only, and I repeat the only bad experience I've ever had was this.

I was very stoned with my brother and came home to find our house full of my step dads family. Now anybody that's ever experienced similar knows what an awkward experience this can be. Anyhow we came in and got some food and sorta stood around awkwardly. Then the stepdad's family started making subtle jokes. "Oh you're hungry"....."Got munchies?” That sort of thing. It wasn't done in a funny way. We were both in early teens and had a group of adults we didn't know particularly well laughing and making fun of us in our own home. I was left feeling slightly sick and full of resentment over the issue.


9. Giving everyone a bad trip

We were doing shrooms (5 people, 2 of them for the first time) at a friends' house (or rather his parents' house). At first it went pretty well but the friend in whose parents house we were tripping began to freak out. He was sure his parents had returned from their trip and was very paranoid. He insisted on keeping the door locked and turned down the music we were listening to.

Soon, there was a strong tension in the air. His paranoia really brought the group down and we all started to get closer and closer to a bad trip. Our efforts to calm and comfort him weren't really successful.

In the end, 3 of us decided to leave him and his girlfriend to go to my house. Of course, we assured them that nothing would happen to them and that tomorrow they would be back to normal (I've had bad trips before and would repeat this to myself to keep a grip - it works. For me at least.) We were feeling really bad for leaving them but I think it was the only option to keep the whole group from experiencing a bad trip.

The 3 of us went to my house and we had one the most fun trips I ever had, playing with my cat, laughing and talking.

The 2 we left at our friends house just went to bed (of course they couldn't sleep right away, as anyone who ever took shrooms can attest you) and the next day it was all okay.


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