Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.

Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.


10. No memory of anything

So, my friend and I decided to do shrooms together with one of his friends. We did them, then decided that it would be a great idea to walk over to a party that was near his house. At this party, we ended up drinking some and hanging out with this guy who I can't remember his name. Let's call him Alfred for now. Afterwards, the three of us, along with the new guy, decide that we need to get high. We go over to my friend's pot dealer's house (I have no idea who drove, but I'm fairly certain we were all not in a position to drive).

We get to the pot dealers house, which is a solid 10 minute drive away. This is when I can't remember anything else. I woke up in Alfred's car (I assumed since it wasn't any of the three of us) with Alfred not being seen. We were also in a cornfield about 30 minutes away, and we destroyed a ton of corn so we were around the middle of the field. There was crap in the backseat of the car and I was bundled in a sleeping bag without my shirt. We decided that we should just tell the farmer about what happened, and he was surprisingly cool about it. He just asked us to work for him over the summer to pay off the damages. He called the police to come pick up the car, so the three of us never got in trouble. To this day, I have no idea where Alfred is.


11. Someone has to be the responsible one

Me and my friend were bored at our halls in uni so we decided to smoke a lot of weed. We went out in to the park and for the first hour or so it was hilarious, talking complete crap, laughing uncontrollably and then staggering to the late night corner shop to get a load of Doritos. All was well and I felt like my start to university was going just as planned.

But then we get back into my room/flat, and the giggles wear off a bit but we're pretty happy just chilling to some music. Or so I thought - she suddenly starts going on about how 'boring' everything was and I how boring I am, and generally just being a complete jerk about everything that I tried to do to cheer her up a bit (because frankly, I was pretty damn happy with the spacey feeling I had.) Anyway she finally goes back to her own room and I settle down to watch some good old Robot Chicken and giggle to myself, and then 10 minutes later she comes knocking and screaming at my door trying to get in because she's convinced her tongue piercing is swelling up and she's going to die in her sleep.

It took me 2 hours to calm her down, not to mention I had no to time to get dressed properly so trying to comfort your friend while you're only in a old thin tshirt and some knickers is pretty damn awkward when she's trying to hug and grab onto you and making you promise to stay up all night so she doesn't choke to death. Euuuuchh, never again.


12. When a popsicle and toothbrush brings you back to reality

A bunch of friends got together to trip one night. I was staying sober (well, drinking) to make sure no one did anything stupid, as some of them tended to do. Everyone is having a good time - listening to music, playing Katamari Damacy, talking, just hanging out - when my significant other at the time and I decide to go outside and look at the stars. We had been outside for 10 minutes or so when he tells me he wants to go home, he thinks he ate to much acid. I told him we would leave soon. I didn't want to walk home in case he had a freak out on the street and I wasn't up to driving just yet.

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