Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.

Traumatized People Share Their Nightmare Drug Experiences.


15. Don't accept unknown drugs

I was 19 years old, and my group of friends decided to get together for the usual booze and card-playing Friday night. One of the guys was the brother of a prominent dealer in town, so it was decided that we'd score some weed at discount pricing.

We weren't prepared for what we were to receive. Included in our package of goods was what was referred to as "kief". Now even to this day, I am not an experienced smoker, and this was the first time trying weed. Long story short, we share a large blunt completely covered in the white, powdery substance. I ended up taking 6 full hits in a row at the urging of my buddies.

20-30 minutes later, my heart feels like it's going to explode, and I'm completely terrified for no reason. I spent the next 8-10 hours freaking out, to the point of needing to be lightly restrained. One guy (experienced smoker) is rolling around in the highway moaning. It took two other people to drag him off the road just before a car ran him over. Another guy is trying to pull mailbox posts out off the ground, and cannot be reasoned with. The whole night was total chaos, and I can say it was the worst night of my life.

In retrospect, I'm pretty sure that powdery substance was not "kief". The lesson here - never accept what a drug dealer refers to as "his good stuff".


16. How did they end up in different places?

I was 18 at the time and not making my best decisions, I took on the advice of a young man to consume Dramamine for recreation. Problem is that we didn't accurately discuss quantity so a friend and I bought a family sized box of pills to consume each. This was in downtown Portland on a Saturday night. Well I'd drank plenty of Robo in the past along with psychedelics, but nothing prepared me for this trip. I'd had about 2/3 of the box of pills in me and my body got really heavy. As in, had to pull myself along on the sidewalk, like in a dream. We made it back to a nightclub populated by friends but didn't have the ability to walk in the door, so we inched our way near a dumpster and tried to put our thoughts together. There was a really disconnected moment where I was being yelled at for blindly consuming that crap, while trying to communicate with my friend. Our words wouldn't line up and we couldn't figure out how to pace a conservation, just talking nonsense on top of each other. Suddenly I watched a skyscraper bend in the middle and come down on top of me, crushing me.

Total blackout.

I wake up in a cop car, my friend wakes up in a hotel.



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