Twenty Minutes Into The Job And Already Saving Lives.

Twenty Minutes Into The Job And Already Saving Lives.


When it’s your first day starting any new job, you just pray that nothing horrible goes wrong. This is especially true for jobs where people’s lives can be on the line. Take a lifeguard for instance. A lifeguard hopes that they never have to save someone during their whole time on the job, but now and then, something horrible happens.

Jack Viglianco, age 15, had to deal with all this stress just this past week. It was his first day on the job as a lifeguard at the Charles A. Foster pool in Lakewood, Ohio. Not even 20 minutes into his shift, he heard a scream for help.

"I heard like a 'Help, ah,' kind of thing. And I looked over and I saw a guy who's probably like 3 feet 6 inches, in the 4-foot water and gasping for air." Viglianco told WJW.


It turns out a 4 year old boy had come to the pool on a summer camp trip. While the boy wasn’t completely submerged, Viglianco still knew that something was wrong.

 "Active drowners can still breathe, and they're still above water, but they are still in the act of drowning.” Jack explained.

 Jack wasted no time, jumping off the chair and into the pool, and then helping the boy to safety.

Lakewood aquatics manager Matt Demaline explained to WJW: “He had just completed ... a five-hour orientation the day before for all of our new and returning staff and we were ready to go, day one."

Jack says that being a lifeguard is a dream come true for him. The magnitude of the situation didn’t hit him until later.

 "I was realizing that I just saved a kid's life. And that is something not many other people can say." Virglianco explained.

 And just like that, a 15 year old life guard rose to the occasion only 20 minutes into his new job. It just goes to show how people rise to the moment when the going gets rough.


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