23 People Reveal The Real Life 'Plot Twist' Moment That Changed Their Lives Forever.

23 People Reveal The Real Life 'Plot Twist' Moment That Changed Their Lives Forever.


6/23 When I was 7, I found my birth certificate in the basement of my childhood home. The name under "Father" was not the man I'd believed to be my dad my entire life. I didn't tell anyone about it for years.


7/23 When I realized that my mom wasn't always "sick", she was completely wasted on drugs all the time.


8/23 I was diagnosed with Asperger's just shy of my 19th birthday. Before that, I really had no clue just how differently my brain operated. I knew there were some differences, but I had just scratched the surface.


9/23 My twin sister and I were born through in vitro fertilization. Our mom wanted nothing more than to have kids, and her circumstances led her to use a sperm donor. When we were three years old, our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. when we were six, she passed away. My sister and I were taken in by our aunt (our mom's younger sister). She already had two sons and a husband. It was a crazy and emotional time for all of us, but we have become an amazing family unit, and I consider my mom, dad, and brothers as much my immediate family as my sister. You might think this was the major plot twist in my life, but it gets crazier.

About four years ago, I learned that not only did my original mother have sperm donated to her, but she also had eggs donated to her as well - by her little sister. I lost my biological mom only to be rescued by my genetic mom. All those years I had laughed at the people who said I looked like my brothers and my mom, but the joke was on me. When I think about the sacrifices my two moms have made for me and my sister, it blows my mind.


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