23 People Reveal The Real Life 'Plot Twist' Moment That Changed Their Lives Forever.

23 People Reveal The Real Life 'Plot Twist' Moment That Changed Their Lives Forever.


10/23 The largest one for me was finding out my parents were never married (although together for 15+years) because my father was still married to his first wife, who miraculously got pregnant and had a child while he was in jail for a year for aiding and abetting a known felon.


11/23 I was looking for my social security card in my parents' desk and I found their marriage certificate. It was dated one year later than I thought, 6 months before I was born. All of a sudden, the years of thinking my mother resented being stuck home with kids, the terrible resentful marriage they had, it all made sense.


12/23 Back when I was in college I got a girl pregnant. When my mother found out she broke down crying and divulged that I have a brother out there that I had never met. She had given the boy up for adoption long before I came around. I still wonder to this day if I will run into him.


13/23 While at a party about five years ago I met a girl who I really clicked with (friends-wise - I'm a [straight] girl). I started talking about my boyfriend, but not by that title, by name. She proceeded to tell me she knew him and had actually recently been on a date with him and how it was the most romantic date she'd ever been on. My boyfriend. Of a year. Sh*t just got real.

Yes, we broke up shortly afterwards. That girl ended up being one of my best friends. We are friends to this day.


14/23 The last thing my grandma said to me was, "See you tomorrow!" and as I walked out her hospital room she said, "....NOT!" I heard her laughing from down the hall at herself. She died four hours later.


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