23 People Reveal The Real Life 'Plot Twist' Moment That Changed Their Lives Forever.

23 People Reveal The Real Life 'Plot Twist' Moment That Changed Their Lives Forever.


15/23 I actually found out shortly after my grandmother died that she and her husband adopted my mom. From where or why, we have no idea. Mom and I know that we have the same type of ethnic heritage as the people she thought were her parents, which probably indicates she was adopted from somewhere within the family or close friends.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that on her deathbed, I was 100% convinced that my grandma was saying "I love you" and gathered the whole family to hear... Only to realize that she was desperately thirsty, and saying "I want juice".


16/23 While talking to my mom one day, she (out of the blue) mentions that she sh*t all over me when she birthed me. Game changer: All this time I thought I was a good kid, turns out I was a sh*tty baby.


17/23 The day we found out that the doctors were going to stop being aggressive with my father's treatment was very difficult. My grandparents flew back from Florida to get his affairs in order. Apparently my dad (a near broke alcoholic) had not paid any of his life insurance premiums. My grandparents found out and paid all the late bills which allowed my siblings to collect on the multimillion dollar policy.

To this day I am grateful because I didn't find out until a few days after about the whole situation. Now I have enough money to pay for college and buy my first home.


18/23 I lived with my father from 4-16. The entire time trying to convince him to let me move in with my mom who was 800 miles away. He never let me. I later found out this was because my mother's boyfriend was Black and he disapproved of the relationship.


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