13 People Share How The Biggest Lie They’ve Ever Heard Got Exposed.

13 People Share How The Biggest Lie They’ve Ever Heard Got Exposed.


Let's face it – we all lie. But what happens when you've got a secret that's too big to contain? These people share stories about the biggest lie they've ever seen unravel.

1/13. My friend was with her boyfriend when his dad discovered he had cancer. He was distraught and went home often. It put a pretty big strain on their relationship. Finally, his father succumbed and passed away. He broke up with her shortly after. Five days later she got a call FROM HIS DEAD FATHER asking if everything was okay between the two of them. The father never even had cancer. He made the whole thing up.


2/13. I used to work with this girl at a hotel. She was front desk, I worked in banquets. Anyway, turns out she had a crush on me. We bumped into each other at a bar, and had a drink together. About a month later I start getting questioned from fellow employees and friends as to whether or not her and I were dating. We were not. I spoke to her about it, she denied it... and I kind of figured things got straightened out.

Fast forward to six months later... she no longer works at the hotel.

I get a text from my good friend, asking why I hadn't told her about my engagement. Naturally I was a little confused... so I ask a few more questions. Turns out this girl has been telling her friends that this 'relationship' was still going on. The whole time. I proposed, it was beautiful, I gave her earrings (I'm assuming she bought herself the earrings) blah blah blah.

The only way I ever found out about this, was as this girl was telling my good friend about her fiance, and showing off her earrings at work.

|Girl: Don't you love the earrings my fiance gave me!! |Friend: They're gorgeous, whats his name?

|Girl: Carbsv2!

|Friend: Oh, thats nice, I have to make a text.

A week later one of her friends that I went to college with stopped me in the hall to ask if it was true... that I was not, nor had ever, dated her.


3/13. A girl I knew in high school had a reputation for being a bit needy. One night she called a good friend of mine up sobbing because one of her best friends from college, someone my friend had never met, committed suicide. My friend went to comfort her, but she was inconsolable the whole night, couldn’t be left alone. My friend stuck with her for almost a whole week, calling to check in, offering to hang out, whatever she needed.

Two or three years later, my friend sees the dearly departed has an active Facebook page. Awfully sociable behavior for a dead guy. My friend was not amused.

“Hey Derpina,” she posts on the fibber’s wall. “How is it that Dead Guy is posting on Facebook when he’s supposed to be dead?”

The post is deleted an hour later, no explanation.

“Hey Derpina,” she posts again. “I’m not going to stop posting until you tell me how a guy who supposedly died two years ago, a guy whose loss devastated you so much that it required my immediate presence, is able to reach out from beyond and post status updates on Facebook.”

Again the post is deleted, this time with a private message: “Please don’t say anything else, I promise I can explain.”

My friend tells her not to even bother. She’d been feeding my friend and a lot of others little white lies for a long time, but making up a story about another person’s death solely for the purpose of attention was going too far. She’s never spoken to her since.



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