13 People Share How The Biggest Lie They’ve Ever Heard Got Exposed.

13 People Share How The Biggest Lie They’ve Ever Heard Got Exposed.


4/13. My sister is very absolute in her hatred of cigarettes, so when she started dating former smoker, she made it very clear that if he started smoking again he'd have to choose between her and the cigarettes.

Well, three of four years later, after they were living together and engaged, she discovered some cigarettes in his car. She was pretty pissed, figuring he'd smoked a few while out at the bars with his friends. They got into a big fight about it and then he somehow lets it slip that he'd been smoking without her knowledge for years.

Whenever an errand needed to be run, he'd go... just so he could smoke. He'd carry mouth wash and a spare shirt so she wouldn't notice the smell. She seriously thought he was just the cleanest, most helpful guy ever.


5/13. My friend made his parents believe he was colorblind up until he was 13. He used it as an excuse for his bad grades, and used it to try and get sympathy. I was with him and his family when we were driving to a mall and he said: "woah look and that sh*t-colored car!" His whole life pretty much went downhill after that, his parents lost all respect for him. They stopped buying him all this nice things, and they were a wealthy family too. It bit him in the a** pretty good.


6/13. My coworker had been attending graduate school and my work threw him a party shortly after his graduation. He shows up to the party with his diploma - which of course is a huge red flag to everyone there (my company was full of alumni that attended the same school, and knew that you wouldn't receive a diploma for at least several weeks/months after graduation).

One of the HR ladies called up admissions to the school to verify that he was previously registered there. He was not, and was never a student. He was confronted about this and pretty much had a melt down, telling her he had issues "at home" and was currently trying to deal with them through the employee assistance program at the company. So the HR lady calls up the EAP to verify he was a client - at that very minute the guy runs into the EAP office and has another melt down. He was immediately escorted off the premises, never to return.

To put this in perspective, his employer had adjusted his work schedule for 2 years so that he could attend classes. The company he worked for is a well known engineering firm, and he worked on a government contract that required a high level of security clearance. Also, the company had an educational reimbursement program that allowed (during his time-frame) an allowance of around $10k tax free to the employee for schooling expenses, I am hazy as to if he was enrolled in this program or not. Being fired for pretty much embezzlement and lying to your employer is not a good thing.


7/13. My uncle used to have this job where he was away on business trips every other week. His girlfriend and 2 kids didn't get to see him too often, and treated him like a king when he was in town. Later we found out he was only working at Wal-Mart making minimum wage, and had another girlfriend on the side. Girlfriend #2 also treated my uncle like a king and let him live at her place for free. Girlfriend #1 found out because she had some vacation time and wanted to accompany him on his "business trip". I have no idea how he managed to hide this for so long.



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